Wildlife Tracking course offered by ENVS’s Jason Hamilton in May


Contributed by Carol Hansen

ENVS’s natural history and wildlife ecology expert Jason Hamilton will be teaching a tracking class in May to help you read the stories that animal activities leave on the landscape and observe their behavior even when they are no longer present!

Jason, who has studied wildlife tracking with nationally recognized experts, will teach ENVS 142, The Art and Science of Tracking during “Maymester.” This class is designed to specifically get you started learning the techniques of a wildlife tracker. As one person put it, "tracking is to environmental studies as math is to engineering." That is, the skill of the tracker is an essential baseline skill for studying the entire human-environment system that we consider in our field. Much more than just determining whether a track is a cat or a dog, you will learn how to start interpreting the history of wildlife interactions in the field and your personal interactions with others.

We need a few more students to enroll in order to hold the course! Please email Jason at jhamilton@ithaca.edu for more information.