Campus Center Mechanical Renovations – Implications for hot water, the Food Court and Catering


Contributed by David Prunty

The Office of Facilities, in collaboration with the Campus Center and Event Services Office would like to inform the campus community of upcoming mechanical renovations in the Campus Center from May 19, 2014 through June 16, 2014

During this time the Campus Center steam boiler, steam lines, hot water holding tank, and a drain line in the Campus Center Dining Hall will be replaced.  As a result, the hot water to Egbert and Phillips Halls will be disrupted for an approximate 2 week period.  While the building will be without domestic hot water, all bathrooms will remain operational as their domestic cold water will still be in working order. Everyone will be able to use the facilities and wash their hands (with cold water) and we are working with the Facilities Service Staff to ensure that hand sanitizer will be available throughout the building. We apologize for any inconvenience this work causes, but please understand that these are critical infrastructure renovations.

From May 19 through June 16 the Campus Center Food Court will remain open for posted summer hours. During this period all campus catering will be produced in the Terrace Dining Hall kitchen and trucked to the Campus Center. We appreciate your flexibility and cooperation in advance due to the additional challenges this work will cause for the Catering Department. Due to the Campus Center Dining Hall dish machine being off line from May 19 through June 16, all Campus catering, unless specifically requested, will be provided with paper service.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Zach Newswanger, Director Facilities Maintenance or David Prunty, Director of Campus Life Services.