Important Information for SPSS Users


Contributed by Irene Scott

ITS will soon be upgrading the college’s academic network SPSS license to version 22, and will send out renewal messages to all SPSS users by late May - early June.

IBM/SPSS requires that all network license users be at one version.  To that end, ITS plans to make SPSS 22 available in June.  Users can begin submitting their renewal forms in late May (chargebacks will be processed after June 1), and upgrade installs will take place over the summer months.

Departments will have until October 1 to renew their network license subscriptions. After October 1st, version 21 will no longer be able to connect to the license server.

The networked license cost is much less then what an individual can purchase, and has some constraints associated with it.  More information, including license terms and order form, can be found on our SPSS website.

If you have any questions please contact the Helpdesk:

ITS Helpdesk
104 Job Hall