Human Genetics for non-biology majors - Online course starts in 3 weeks!


Contributed by Nancy Pierce

BIOL 10700

May 27- June 27, 2014

Is there a gay gene?  What are designer babies?  Can we clone humans?  What does it mean if alcoholism runs in my family?   Did we really evolve from monkeys? Is depression genetic? What is genetic testing?

Explore these questions and many more in a one-month course designed specifically for the non-biology major. 3 credits.  No prerequisites.

This online course is designed to be fun, interactive, and personalized to the goals and interests of each student. Emphasis is on personal health, evolution, and emerging ethical issues in human genetics.  The course is largely project-based, and you will have the opportunity to research your own family history as well as topics of your choice related to human traits.

Fulfills 3 credits of distribution requirements: General Education Science 2a, Natural Science (NS), and Liberal Arts (LA) 


For more information, see the syllabus for the course. 

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