Parking Information for Summer 2014


Contributed by Curtis Payne

Parking rules and regulations are in effect 24/7, including summer. Student permits are available AT NO COST for the summer and do not expire until August 14th, 2014. These permits are available for ordering online or you may stop by Parking Services, located at the Office of Public Safety to obtain a permit.

If you have a valid 2013-2014 permit, parking rules and regulations still apply throughout the summer with these two exceptions:

If you are parking regularly on campus this summer and do not have a valid 2013-2014 permit, you may still receive tickets so please be sure to get your permit.

Student permits for the 2014-15 academic year will be available online after July 15th at While you’re there…read the Parking Regulations page to avoid ticket fines.

Visitors to the campus overnight must obtain a visitor permit from Parking Services located at the Office of Public Safety.

For questions, please contact Parking Services at 607-274-3756 or visit