Mary Tomaselli, Office of Human Resources, has announced her retirement as of June 13, 2014


Contributed by Jane Ray

Submitted on behalf of Mark Coldren, Associate Vice President of Human Resources

As many of you know, Mary Tomaselli will soon be ending her time here at Ithaca College as Director of Employee and Organizational Development.

Mary has helped many of us here to navigate and lead transitions effectively in our work lives, and now it is time for a transition of her own.  Her presence, guidance, encouragement, and care will surely be missed.

Since she began her work at Ithaca College in fall of 1997, Mary has been dedicated to enhancing the engagement and effectiveness of staff, faculty, administrators, and students.  Through her organizational and leadership development, design and implementation of departmental and divisional planning retreats, and her coaching and consultation in supervision and performance management, Mary has worked with almost everyone on campus.  She touched the lives of many of our students as a faculty member teaching leadership in the RLS program.

We welcome you to stop by the Office of Human Resources, 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 12, to congratulate Mary and wish her well.  (Tissues will be available.)  Well wishes via phone at X-41239 and email at are appreciated as well.

Thank you for all you have contributed on behalf of the staff, faculty, administrators and students at Ithaca College, Mary.  Congratulations!