Free Health Screenings & Assessments - A Mind, Body, Me Program Feature!


Contributed by Katie Sack

The Ithaca College Mind, Body, Me (MBM) wellness program focuses on you: the employee, and works to help you identify and move towards your personal health and wellness goals. Our wellness program is open for all benefits-eligible faculty and staff to join and includes a variety of wellness features, such as FREE Health Screenings and Assessments!

When beginning to take charge of your own health, there are certain numbers that are important to know. By knowing your numbers, you'll be on the road to a healthier life. Mind, Body, Me ensures that you know these numbers through annual health screenings and assessments, which include: 

Each assessment is given on an annual basis to help you determine and set annual goals. These assessments are a required feature of the Mind, Body, Me program.

If you are interested in joining Mind, Body, Me and individualizing a wellness plan that includes knowing your personal health numbers, please contact You can also visit our website at and read our Questions and Answers. We encourage you to like our Facebook page at for wonderful wellness tips and overall health & wellness information.