Parking Policy Modification


Contributed by Curtis Payne

The purpose of this communication is to call attention to various modifications of the Ithaca College Parking Policies.  In the interest of affordability and efficiency, the Parking Services team, in collaboration with the College’s formal Parking Policy Committee, conducted research and benchmarking in order to assess the current policies and identify potential areas for improvement. This communication highlights those modifications which were approved for implementation beginning with the 2014 – 2015 academic year.

Modifications are as follows:

Policy Modifications

Parking and Traffic Fines and Fees

Permit Violation - Parking without a permit or with the wrong permit for lot

New Fine - $35.00

Parking Lot Violation – Parking in a reserve space or no parking zone

New Fine - $30.00

Fire Lane - Parking in marked fire safety zone

New Fine - $100.00

Handicap - Parking in a designated handicap space without a State or municipally issued permit or license plate

New Fine - $100.00

Fraudulent Use of Permit - Parking using a fraudulently obtained permit

New Fine - $75.00

Blocking Flow of Traffic - Blocking driving area, roadway or access road

New Fine - $50.00

Moving Violation - Including speeding, running a stop sign

New Fine - $50.00

Reckless Driving - Driving in a dangerous manner under the circumstances or road conditions

New Fine - $50.00

Late Fee - A late fee is added to each parking citation that is unpaid within thirty calendar days.

New Fee - $25.00

Ithaca College’s Parking Policy has been updated to reflect these changes.  For the full Parking Policy and other information about parking at Ithaca College please refer to our web pages at: