Paula Twomey (DMLL) publishes Spanish novella, El Secreto del Cenote.


Contributed by Julia Cozzarelli

Paula Twomey, lecturer in Spanish, has published a mystery thriller in 10 episodes.  

In the novella, a North American high school student goes to Mérida for a semester to live with a Mexican family to improve his Spanish.  He gets a lesson in archaeology and criminology when, by coincidence he encounters the notorious bandits  Paco “el peligroso”, Juan Carlos “el cojo”, Fernando “el feroz” and Nico “la nariz” after they rob the Museo de Arqueología.  Hot on their trail, protagonist Miguel and his adopted brother and sister follow the bandits through the Yucatán site of Chichén Itzá and ultimately reveal the secret location of the artifacts to the police in an unusual Mayan site, Tulum.

A teaching text to be used with Levels I and II, El Secreto del Cenote presents culturally authentic locations, vocabulary and grammar exercises, supplementary internet activities, puzzles, an Art Part, and Critical thinking reflections for students to develop language skills. 

All photographs for the novella were taken by Paula and Michael Twomey on their trips to the Yucatán.

Other titles by Paula Twomey include Ten Fairy Tales in Spanish With a Twist, Hablemos, Reflecciones, and Siga! Siga!

Congratulations, Paula!