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War,Hunger, and Genocide: An International Health Perspective will be offered online during Summer Session II beginning on June 29- July 31.  

Attributes: (ICC) - Humanities, Liberal Arts,  - Social Sciences,

Themes: Power and Justice AND Quest Sustainable Future 

Course description: An investigation of the cost -- human and economic -- of organized violence, including genocide, and the efforts being made to ameliorate or eliminate the devastation. Particular emphasis is placed on the role that can be played by health care professionals who believe that war may be a preventable phenomenon that can be eradicated by traditional public health methods that have triumphed over other major health problems in the past. 3 credits

For more information, contact Stewart Auyash at or 274-1312

Critical Health Issues, HLTH 20500 is a 3 credit online Summer Course offered during the two week May Session.  ICC Attribute: Diversity. Social Science. Self and Society. ICC Theme: World of Systems.

Below is a summary of the course content. Please contact Stewart Auyash at for more information.

Critical Health Issues is about the evolution and analysis of U.S. health policy and the provision of health services, a vast enterprise that includes all sectors of government and industry.  In the U.S.,  health and medical establishments account for about 1 out of every 10 workers and about 17 cents out of every dollar spent. Even with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, there are still more than 25 million people without insurance.  Health is also about racial, gender, ethnic, and class issues, as well as the quality of services received and overall health status. The poor, immigrants, and minorities are also affected by inequalities. Poverty is increasing in the U.S. and this affects health.

Sustainable Living: A Holistic Approach to Health, HLTH 21400 CRN #10086 is a 3 credit online Summer Course offered during the May 26-June 26 ICC Themes: The Quest for a Sustainable Future and Power and Justice ICC Perspectives: Social Science & Natural Sciences Below is a summary of the course content. Please contact Srijana Bajracharya at for more information.

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Congratulations to Subversive Malting and Brewing, OnSet and FearWalk, for taking home top prizes at the 2nd Annual Business Plan Competition. 

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How should we treat nature?  Is nature just a resource for humans to use for their benefit, or should we see nature as something more than just a resource -- as, say, a source of value in our its own right that deserves our respect and protection?  This class will answer that question affirmatively, and examine what the ideal of respect for nature entails.  We will reflect on our relation to non-human animals, on our relation to all living things (whether plant or animals), and even on our relation to inanimate parts of nature such as ecosystems.  We will ask what forms of human behavior are inconsistent with respect for nature, and what to do when economic goals and environmental goals clash.

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Are you SGA's New Senate Chair?

Contributed by Kyle James on 04/29/2015 

Have a love for policy? Know parliamentary procedure or have a desire to? Run meetings like a true pro?

If this sounds like you, than you may be the perfect candidate for SGA’s Senate Chair. SGA will be holding elections for Senate Chair, which acts as the liaison between the Senate and the Executive Board and runs SGA’s meetings, this Monday, May 4th at 7 p.m. in the Taughannock Falls Room on the third floor of campus center.

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 Take a break and hear singers from across the campus and IC voICes (faculty-staff chorus) in their final concert on Sunday, May 3 at 7:00 in Ford Hall!

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 HTLH 22700 Stress: Its Nature and Management will be offered online during the May intersession, beginning May 12 and ending on May 22.  This is a 3-credit, liberal arts course.

Offered totally online, its flexible format means that you do not need to be online at any particular time.  For more information contact Deb Wuest at

Attributes: Attributes:  ICC - Social Sciences, Theme: Mind, Body, Spirit; GE 1: Self & Society, Liberal Arts

CRN 10035

CMST 389, Communication, Race and Public Policy, has seats available for Fall enrollment. Following the 50th anniversary of the marches from Selma to Montgomery, President Barack Obama's Executive Action on immigration, the legal tussling over voting rights, amongst other areas, continues to inform us that race still matters. Therefore, it is the goal of this course to engage the legal and political debates involving timely and timeless issues like: Voting Rights/ Voter Identification laws; Immigration and Deportation; Official Language laws; Bilingual Education, amongst others.

Interested? Contact Dr. Donathan Brown at    

 Visit Career Services in 101 Muller Center between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.!

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Everybody loves a Sweepstakes!

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Call for Presenters!

Contributed by Emily Quinn on 04/28/2015 

 Present a Workshop for the Student Organization Conference on September 12, 2015!

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Jason Hamilton, natural history and ecology expert in the Environmental Studies & Sciences Department and initiator of IC’s immensely popular Environmental Sentinels course, will be teaching a Maymester course – ENVS 142 – in the art and science of tracking.


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Last weekend, on a perfect – and so rare! – spring day, ENVS students Zoe Miller, Maddie Menges, Sam Donato, Jeremy Poe and Tori Chamberlain participated in the intensive international Cyber-Tracker certification course, which tested their ability to read track and sign in the landscape. They were accompanied by ENVS faculty Jason Hamilton, Tim Drake and Justin Sutera from Primitive Pursuits, as well as three others from the Greater Ithaca community. George Leoniak from Vermont, one of six national evaluators, led the Cyber-Tracker course, which was originally developed in South Africa to qualify trackers for research and ecotourism. It has since grown to become the only international standard for wildlife tracking. 

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This June Jason Hamilton from the Environmental Studies & Sciences Department will teach a Summer Session course in herbal remedies and nature-based healing. ENVS 140 will explore both modern herbalism and ancient vitalist traditions.  


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Come to ITHACON (Emerson Suites, May 2, 10am-5pm).  Arrive by 9:30, get your monster/ zombie make-up, do some choreography practice and then . . .

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ITHACON (Emerson Suites) is sponsoring a wide range of activities for kids to promote creativity, imaginative play, and self-expression. 

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Come celebrate the end of the year at IC Kicks Back on Friday, May 1 from 2pm-6pm on the Campus Center Quad. Challenge your friends on an inflatable Rock Climbing Wall and on the inflatable Gladiator Joust. Be sure to capture the moment with the Photo booth or try out the new interactive photo booth App Me, all provided by NY Party Works.

In addition to the fun activities, you will be able to enjoy special treats provided by Student Activities Board (SAB) and BBQ foods provided by Dining Services.

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On Tuesday, May 5th, Information Technology Services will hold open sessions to present drafts of our:

  • Governance plan - A process to guide IT decision making for the college
  • Projects plan - A process to guide project prioritization and resource allocation
  • Strategic plan - A formal plan to best align ourselves with the goals and objectives of the college

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During finals week, from 10:00 am – 4:30 pm each day, the Phillips Hall Post Office will be operating an additional window to speed up your book return process. Exclusive to packages with prepaid UPS or FedEx shipping labels, you can bring your shipment and skip the lines at the regular Post Office window. Just continue right around the corner and we’ll accept the following…

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