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Fae Dremock, assistant professor in the Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences,  was an invited speaker to a poetry class at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN. Her poetry chapbook, And The Baby Gods Sprout Like Milkweed (2014, Dancing Girl Press) was one of the textbooks for the class.

Dr. Andrew Utterson, Assistant Professor of Screen Studies, recently published in peer-reviewed journal Studies in French Cinema

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The article, titled “The Modern Political Cinema: From Third Cinema to Contemporary Networked Biopolitics,” looks at a qualitative shift in global political cinemas within the new era of globalization. Outside the Law reworks the earlier Battle of Algiers in order to situate the Algerian Revolution in an increasingly globalizing world. This acknowledgement has important ramifications for the production of political subjectivity, which is both fragmented and networked by global flows of information, economies, and people. The cinematic production of subjectivity offers an important critique of Samuel P. Huntington’s Clash of the Civilizations, illustrating the unique potential of film to enter into contemporary debates surrounding international relations.



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Drawing on underexplored and only recently available archives, Chrystyna Dail examines the influence of Stage for Action, a theatre group founded in 1943, on social activist theatre in the 1940s, early 1950s, and later. Exploring the intersection between performance and politics and the direct impact of the arts on social activism, Dail argues Stage for Action is a theatrical reflection of progressivism and the pro-working-class theatrical aesthetic of the 1940s. The theatre group, which used performance to encourage direct action and personal responsibility for change, eventually would function as the theatrical voice of the United States Progressive Party in the failed presidential campaign of former vice president Henry A. Wallace. 


Dail's book won the American Theatre and Drama Society's 2016 Publication Subvention Award and is a part of SIUP's Theater in the Americas series.

Anthony Adornato, assistant professor of journalism, was interviewed by international and local news outlets this week about the role of social media and fake news in the U.S. presidential election. Adornato discussed the increase in the number of fake news stories during the election, sites dedicated to them, and the sharing of this content on social media. He also called for increased media literacy in a “post-fact world.”

The Rise and Rise of Fake News
BBC News

The Day After Trumps Victory
Deutsche Welle‎ News (Germany)

Ithaca College Professor Gives Insight to Social Media’s Impact on Election



The Ithaca College chapter of Phi Kappa Phi held its annual Fall Awards & Induction Ceremony on Friday, November 4th to announce this year’s recipients of the prestigious Phi Kappa Phi Presidential Scholar Award and to welcome six new faculty and staff members. Event Photos

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 Christopher House, communication studies assistant professor and former predoctoral diversity scholar, recently co-authored a paper with politics major Amanda Morales.  Titled, "Crying for Justice: The #BlackLivesMatter Religious Rhetoric of Bishop T.D. Jakes", the paper was accepted for presentation at the Annual Meeting of the National Communication Association in Philadelphia.

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Roger Matthew Grant (BM Theory, 2005, summa cum laude) received the prestigious Society for Music Theory Emerging Scholar Award on Saturday at the annual meeting in Vancouver for his book, Beating Time & Measuring Music in the Early Modern Era

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Lis discussed "Academic Libraries & High-Impact Educational Practices" with deans, provosts, and other chief academic officers.  The Institute's keynote address was delivered by Jeff Selingo, IC Class of 1995.

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 Mike Matheny, Clinical Associate Professor/Head Athletic Trainer in the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences, Mary Pitti, Clinical Associate Professor, Clinic Director, and Assistant Chair in the Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and Dr. Andrew Getzin, Medical Director for Athletic Teams have collaborated to publish "Dyspnea in Patients: Is It Really Asthma?" in the November/December issue of Athletic Training & Sports Health Care.

Dr. Enrique González-Conty presented a paper titled “The Cuban Connection: Caribbean Drug Wars on the Big Screen” on October 29, 2016, at the Conference of the Pacific Coast Council on Latin American Studies at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. His paper examined Orlando Jiménez Leal’s film 8-A (1992) and its role in deconstructing the official representation of what is known as the Ochoa affair of 1989 in Cuba.

"Why does Donald Trump matter?  What factors seem to explain the flourishing of a Trump political brand?

Rising income and wealth inequalities across segments of the declining middle class, the growth of conservative media outlets since the 1980s—especially Rupert Murdoch’s business ventures—and the expanding campaign finance system that opens the powerful moneyed interests have all played a part. As do the return of identity politics over recognition and redistribution from the left and right—the political fights and white backlash over affirmative action, Black Lives Matter and the struggles over the classification system, leading to what I call a cultural war over taxonomy as politics for defining citizenship, civic worth and social entitlements.

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Pei Zheng, the Assistant Professor from Department of Journalism, had a new journal article come out at Asian Journal of Communication, the flagship SSCI journal focusing on Asian and comparative communication studies. 

Titled “Mapping the field of communication technology research in Asia: Content analysis and text mining of SSCI journal articles 1995-2014” Pei’s paper adopted content analysis and text mining-based semantic network analysis to map the landscape of communication technology research in Asia of the recent two decades.

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Associate Professor, Paul R. Geisler, EdD, ATC and Associate Clinical Professor, Todd Lazenby, MS, ATC from the Department of Exercise & Sport Science recently had a paper accepted for publication in the International Journal of Athletic Training & Therapy

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Professor Levy's paper "What I See, Who I Am: Saudi Women Enrolled in University
Photo Course Teach Disabled Children to Communicate with Cameras", has been accepted into the Arts in Society Research Network conference and journal to be held in June, 2017.

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 Carlos Figueroa, and Matthew Gritter, co-author "Borderlands" in People of Color in the United States: Contemporary Issues in Education, Work, Communities, Health, and Immigration, Volume 4, (ABC-CLIO Greenwood, 2016), pp. 41 - 48.

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Asma Barlas, professor of Politics, served on a panel on human rights, gender, and sexuality in Islamic contexts, at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, on Oct 27. Her co-panelists were Juan Cole (Richard P. Mitchell Professor of History, U-M) and Samar Habib (associate researcher, Centre for Gender Studies, University of London).

Shirin Ebadi, Nobel laureate and Iranian human rights lawyer, served as a respondent to the panel in addition to giving the keynote as part of this event. The proceedings were live streamed and will also be available here in the near future:

Mara Alper (Media Arts) presented her video art work at a guest lecturer in the graduate design program at the Technische Universität in Berlin in October. In September, she presented in the Gatty Lecture Series in the Southeast Asia Program at Cornell, where she is a Faculty Research Associate. Her talk on “Bali: Sacred Waters/Surging Tourism” included a screening of her documentary “Sacred Waters of Bali.” This work also screened at the Dallas Video Festival in October.

The Technische Universität Berlin is a research university founded in 1879 considered one of the most prestigious education institutions in Europe.

Cyndy Scheibe and Chris Sperry presented at the 45th Annual Conference of the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) in Madison, Wisconsin. The conference was held to discuss how K-12 teachers could engage students in critical thinking about the environment and sustainability.

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Professor Pei Zheng, Department of Journalism, has newly published her paper, “A content analysis of research on China in top-ranked communication journals from 1995 to 2014: a comparison with other Asian countries”, at Asian Journal of Communication, a refereed international publication and Thomson Reuters SSCI listed journal.

The study adopted content and citation analysis to compare the trend of communication research in East Asian countries over the past 20 years. The quantitative and longitudinal analysis revealed the changing patterns, theoretical and methodological gaps on China and East Asian studies, which offered guidance for communication scholars worldwide to study Asian context.

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