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Attention: FIRST YEAR STUDENTS, First Year Friday will be this Friday, April 22nd from 3-6pm outside on the Fitness Quad!

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HPEG 59901-01 Grant Writing:  June 14th -Jun 16th


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Sustainable Living: A Holistic Approach to Health, HLTH 21400, is a 3 credit online Summer Course offered during Jul 05, 2016 - Aug 05, 2016. 

ICC Themes: The Quest for a Sustainable Future and Power & Justice

ICC Perspectives: Social Sciences & Natural Sciences


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If so, come to a Senior Leadership Project Health Promotion event called “Zen and Chocolate” this Sunday, April 24th, from 7-9pm on the second floor of Friends Hall.

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In WRTG 21700 Inquiry, Research, & Writing Across the Disciplines, we’ll analyze how new ideas circulate as we practice strategies for productive inquiry and effective writing. This Writing Intensive course looks beyond the final written product—that paper with the bibliography and citations—to learn how and why writing is used in the process of research.


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 Are you an athlete? Do you exercise? Ever wondered what you could do to improve your own performance? Curious to learn more about the mental preparation of high school, college, elite and professional athletes? Ever wondered what you could do to improve your motivation to exercise? Then this class is for you! 

This summer, EXSS 20200 - Sport and Exercise Psychology will be offered online during Summer Session I. Course attributes: GE 1: Self & Society, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences 

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It makes up 60% of your body. You can’t survive without it. Water is considered “blue gold,” but it’s much more valuable than gold. In this lively class, you learn about your water footprint, water in your body, in your hometown and on the planet. We examine water from personal, social/political and creative views in this unique online class with conversations, films, readings and guest experts from around the world to answer your individual questions.

Fulfills ICC Humanities Quest for Sustainability + Power and Justice + Gen Ed. Requirements.

Can be done from anywhere with high-speed online access.

Register now on Homer: GCOM 20100    (General Communications) 3 credits  Online Course May 16 – May 27, 2016
 If you’d like more info, ask Mara at

Come enjoy a chat and chew!  GREAT DOOR PRIZES to reward you for your hard work and participation in these discussions this year!



Dr. Nia Makepeace Nunn, Assistant Professor, Humanities and Sciences

RakH Lash, Assistant Director, Multicultural Affairs

Darnell Thompson, Residence Director

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* short courses on systems thinking, synthesizing expertise, creativity, and character

* active hands-on learning; no lectures

* lots of fun

* the courses will help you make connections among what you are studying in different courses inside and outside your majors

* this can make learning more lasting and more useful in meeting complex real-world challenges

* courses are one credit and are graded pass/fail

* taking any three of the four mini-courses will count as an ICC elective in the World of Systems or the Inquiry, Imagination and Innovation theme with a Humanities or Social Sciences perspective

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TVR 46000-61 SENIOR SEMINAR: YOUTH/MEDIA/CULTURE, a three credit-course on youth-oriented American culture (TV, film, video games, music, and social media), will be offered as an online course this summer during Session I. The course fulfills a requirement for Television-Radio majors but is open to the entire campus.


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 First Year Friday will be on April 22nd from 3-6 pm outside on the Fitness Quad.  

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We are a nonprofit on-campus organization that supports media literacy integration into K- College classrooms by providing media literacy curricula and workshops for educators.  Join our team this Fall in Promotions and Marketing  to help promote critical thinking and media literacy skills for our diverse international audience.

We accept internships between 1 and 3 credits, and hours are flexible.

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ICIC 14000 Character—Developing habits for good. How can we best serve society? By each and every day making choices that do good for others as well as ourselves. The content and development of character are explored through a series of challenging activities and assignments. Tools for examining and intentionally altering patterns of thought and action to better serve society are introduced. Pass/Fail. 1 credit. No prerequisites. LA. (F,S)

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If you will be studying abroad in the Summer or Fall of 2016 on ANY affiliated, non-affiliated, or exchange program (NOT the London Center), you must attend one or two study abroad orientations, as well as meet with an adviser in the Office of International Programs (OIP) to go over required Ithaca College paperwork.

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Join us for a social event featuring free pizza, popcorn, cotton candy and more in the Rec Center (on the first floor of Campus Center, near IC Square) celebrating IC Color Week on Wednesday, April 20 from 5pm-7pm, sponsored by both the Office of Public Safety/ALANA and Office of Public Safety/Residential Life work groups.

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Summer session course: Mind, Body, Spirit or Identities theme

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 Couldn't get into Academic Writing 10600 this year?

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If so, there are currently 46 live finance jobs posted in ICHired by companies that are interested in receiving applications from Ithaca College students.

Want to see them? 

Click here and log into your ICHired account.

If so, there are currently 42 live marketing jobs posted in ICHired by companies that are interested in receiving applications from Ithaca College students.

Want to see them? 

Click here and log into your ICHired account.

People from all walks of life are currently seeking to learn more about herbal medicine and the natural world. Learn basic skills and sensory awareness that can apply to all aspects of your life. Being out in nature increases fitness levels, lowers stress, improves critical thinking and is just plain fun!  ENVS naturalist and department chair Jason Hamilton will be teaching two classes this spring/summer that offer these benefits.

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