At times your news is urgent and needs to be brought to the attention of the Ithaca College community immediately.

If your news is related to an emergency or contains time-sensitive material and if it's of major importance to the College community, you can request an Intercom alert, an HTML e-mail that goes to every student, faculty, and staff member at Ithaca College.*

You'll need approval from your vice president, the provost, or the president before the alert can be sent.

To request an alert:

Please note: Intercom was created in an effort to gather College news and notices in one place, as well as to reduce the large number of campuswide e-mails filling up in-boxes. The alert option should therefore be used as sparingly as possible so that legitimate alerts get the attention they deserve.

*There is an option to send an alert to students only, faculty and staff only, or all.