Frequently Asked Questions

How can students support sustainable public printing on campus?

  • Use web browser bookmarks to save materials you are interested in rather than printing them.
  • Email yourself URLs of web sites you are interested in rather than print them.
  • Use the print preview feature of applications to verify output layout of documents when you are ready to print. Only print when you are satisfied with the final result.
  • Most web pages offer a printer-friendly version or text-only option – they are better for screen-readers and conserve paper and toner.
  • When making changes or corrections to a document only print the page that contains the corrections instead of reprinting the entire document. Consider printing PowerPoint slides 3 to 6 to a page. This will also speed up the printing process.
  • If your print job does not immediately print, don’t resend it. There may be many other jobs ahead of yours in the queue or the printer may have run out of paper. ITS consultants can assist with questions regarding your print job.
  • When you leave a public or Library computer remember to log out. If you leave yourself logged in someone else may be able to use your allowance.
  • Create online accounts in library databases to save your research and your searches.
  • Save journal articles and documents as pdf’s on your personal device.