Frequently Asked Questions

How can faculty support sustainable public printing on campus?

  • Post required reading material in Sakai. Many students today feel comfortable reading materials online. Placing materials in Sakai allows the student to decide whether or not to print them.
  • Distinguish between “course readings” and “readings that students will need to bring to class” on the course syllabus.
  • Submit “readings that students will need to bring to class” to the Print Shop and provide copies for sale at the Bookstore.

Note: The Print Shop is more cost effective for the College and for students, compared to printing to a laser printer. The Print Shop can make prints for approximately 1¢ to 2¢ less per sheet since their printers are designed for printing in volume.

  • Have students submit papers via email.
  • Have Students submit papers via Sakai assignments.
  • Provide feedback and comments on papers that are submitted electronically by using the Comment feature in Word.