General Information

Student Employment

Information Technology Services provides a variety of opportunities for IC students to gain professional work experience while attending Ithaca College. There are approximately 110 student staff working in twelve different areas each semester within ITS. ITS is committed to providing a fair wage, excellent supervision, and an overall pleasant working environment.

To become a member of the S-Team (student team), students must be able to work for two or more semesters in ITS. In many positions priority is given to those who can work longer. Student staff are also expected to work a minimum of six to eight hours for most positions. If hired, employees must attend a mandatory new hire training before the semester begins and returner training each semester thereafter. If you cannot attend training, you should apply at another time when you can attend.


ITS begins recruiting students half way through each semester for the following semester. Not all positions are available every semester, but current openings are posted to the Job Openings section of this site. A complete list of job descriptions can be found in the job description brochure and under the individual sections on this site.

There are a variety of positions within ITS that fit different skill sets and interests. Although some positions are more technical than others, students do not need to be Computer Science majors to apply. ITS looks for applicants who are interested in learning, working with people, and who value technology.

General Benefits

  • Learn new skills every day
  • Resume builder
  • Flexible hours & opportunities to work breaks
  • Special events (summer picnic, rock climbing etc.)
  • Build professional relationships
  • Pay raises & upward mobility
  • You don't have to be a Computer Science major

Listen to our students tell you what it is liking working with ITS: