Student Employment

New Hires

If you have recently received a job offer with ITS, congratulations on becoming a member of the ITS S-Team!

Please follow the instructions in the email that was sent to you, and remember to turn in/ complete the following:

  • New Hire Checklist
  • Work Preference Form
  • Digital Photograph and Fun Fact
  • Direct Deposit Form/ Sign Up Through Parnassus
  • Attend An NSEP Session (Sign Up In Advance & Bring Proper ID)

The Student Employment Office requires all new student employees (and graduate students) to attend a New Student Employee Program (NSEP) and fill out their I-9 and required forms during this session. This must be done with the Student Employment Office before the end of the semester in order to attend ITS Training. If you have not worked on campus before and you cannot attend an NSEP session prior to the end of the semester, you may not be able to work with ITS.

NSEP session details:

  1. You must sign up in advance in order to attend an NSEP session. You can use the link in the right column to sign up (only after you have received a job offer email from ITS).
  2. You must bring proper identification with you in order to attend this session. So, please plan ahead to have your identification ready for this session. Please see the list of I-9 Acceptable Documents in the right column.

Hired applicants must attend the mandatory new hire training prior to the start of the semester. More information will be sent to you through your Ithaca College e-mail regarding training. Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to working with you soon!