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Digital Instruction and Information Services (DIIS) is planning major network maintenance for late evening Saturday, February 20th into mid-day Sunday, February 21st.

The maintenance is required to replace aging components of our network infrastructure. The outage is expected to have the following impacts:

  • Virtually all campus computing systems and services (including myHome, Parnassus, Homer, Sakai, Mentor, network printing, etc.) will be unavailable from anywhere (on campus or off campus). The exception will be Outlook email and calendar, which will be accessible from residence halls, off campus, and mobile devices not connected to the IC network.

  • Academic and administrative buildings will not have any network access (wired or wireless), to anywhere.

  • Residence halls will have normal internet access, but only to non-IC, external sites. 

The maintenance work is expected to take several hours. Though our goal would be to complete the work between 10:00 PM on Saturday and the early morning hours of Sunday, the complexity of the work may result in an outage period that potentially extends to as late as 1:00 PM on Sunday. Since the outage will partially occur outside of our standard window for major maintenance, we wanted to give the campus community as much notice as possible for planning purposes. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Digital Instruction and Information Services
Service Desk
104 Job Hall

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Oracle has released a new update for Java, which is incompatible with HomerAdmin unless Java settings are changed. To change the settings, see "Java 8 Update 51, Changing Settings for HomerAdmin Compatibility" on our Enterprise Systems page.

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The most recent versions of Firefox, 37 and later, as well as Chrome 45, are not working with Parnassus (on Mac or Windows). Currently, Parnassus is only accessible through Internet Explorer on Windows, or Safari on Macs. This applies to both "self-service" and "core apps" functions of Parnassus.

ITS is investigating solutions to allow Parnassus to be accessed from other browsers.

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