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ITS is investigating  reports of problems accessing the Mentor server as of around 4pm on Monday, 8/31.

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Oracle has released a new update for Java, which is incompatible with HomerAdmin unless Java settings are changed. To change the settings, see "Java 8 Update 51, Changing Settings for HomerAdmin Compatibility" on our Enterprise Systems page.

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The most recent versions of Firefox, versions 37 through 40, are not working with Parnassus (on Mac or Windows). For most people, Firefox will update to the latest version automatically, so if you are seeing a “secure connection failed” error page when trying to log into Parnassus, you probably have an incompatible version. Do not attempt to check the version, since checking the version will often initiate the update to the latest version, if one is available.

The only workaround at this time is to use a different Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Chrome on Windows, or Safari or Chrome on Mac.

ITS is actively working to investigate and resolve this issue.

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