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DIIS is planning for significant network maintenance/upgrades this week.

On each of the four nights of Monday, May 23rd – Thursday, May 26th, from 11 pm to 7 am, all network connectivity and Ithaca College information systems and services on campus (with the exceptions noted below) will be unavailable. Affected systems and services include Internet access, myHome, Sakai, Parnassus, Homer, Mentor, IC websites, Library systems, etc. The maintenance is being done incrementally over several nights to allow for more manageable fallback if the need arises during any given phase of this complex work. 

Residence Halls and Off Campus:
The My-ResNet network in the residence halls will have normal Internet access to external sites ONLY – all Ithaca College information systems and services will be unavailable from anywhere during the outage windows. Off campus users will also not be able to access any Ithaca College information systems and services. 

Email and Calendar Access:
Anyone with an Internet connection (from My-ResNet, off campus, mobile devices, etc.) will still be able to access Microsoft Outlook email and calendar as usual.

Access to
During the 11 pm - 7 am outage windows, people trying to access will be re-directed to a temporary ("lite") web site that will inform them of the outage and provide additional information. If this outage will impact an essential operation or function of the college, and there are alternative methods for conducting that business, please contact Stephen Shoemaker ( or 4-7970) with information to include on the “lite site” that will be displayed during maintenance.

The DIIS Service Desk will be responding to email and telephone calls starting at 7 am Tuesday-Friday this week so that any unexpected problems can be reported and investigated as early as possible. Additionally, we'll be sending out a progress/status message after each maintenance window to the Helpdesk-Alert mailing list. If you are not subscribed to that list, you can sign-up here.

We recognize the impact that this outage will have on members of the campus community, but the work is critical to ensure that our network environment is reliable and robust moving forward.

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Oracle has released a new update for Java, which is incompatible with HomerAdmin unless Java settings are changed. To change the settings, see "Java 8 Update 51, Changing Settings for HomerAdmin Compatibility" on our Enterprise Systems page.

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The most recent versions of Firefox, 37 and later, as well as Chrome 45, are not working with Parnassus (on Mac or Windows). Currently, Parnassus is only accessible through Internet Explorer on Windows, or Safari on Macs. This applies to both "self-service" and "core apps" functions of Parnassus.

ITS is investigating solutions to allow Parnassus to be accessed from other browsers.

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System Maintenance Information and Schedule

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