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Adobe Connect Pro, for the uninitiated, is a  suite of web conferencing tools. Web conferencing connects two or more parties remotely from a browser-based interface. The Adobe Connect Pro tool-set consists of video, audio, chat, screen sharing, file sharing and a few added features such as poll creation and link sharing. The big news is the latest update by which Adobe has completely re-vamped the application interface (UI) and has spent some time improving the connection quality.

One of my chief concerns regarding Adobe Connect Pro has been visual and aural quality. I've always expected more from the company that brings us the likes of Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design - excellent and reliable design tools. With this latest update it appears major changes are happening behind the scenes to improve both video and audio transmission quality. Latency has been reduced and the slick new interface provides a user-friendly environment with positive ergonomics in mind. For more information or to try it out, send an e-mail to

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Apart from the interface

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Ithaca College on iTunes U

We've set up an e-mail list for people who would like to be informed of the latest announcements about iTunes U and be able to share tips and tricks for creating and managing content. 

Instructions for subscribing to the iTunes U email list.

Send an email to:

In the body of the email type: subscribe itunes

A subject isn't necessary.

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Ithaca College on iTunes U

Not everyone has an iPod or Apple portable device. However, students usually have access to a computer. As a precursor to loading up a portable device with iTunes U content, video and audio are first downloaded to iTunes, a reliable and inherently cross-platform application. The benefit of this process is the ability to organize and view content easily - without the absolute need for a mobile device - the later being a benefit but not a necessity. To explore the true power of the iTunes U paradigm, a mobile device, such as the iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone, gives students the option of portability. However, if the point is providing access to video and audio, the iTunes application fits the bill on its own. 

Looking at the process differently, with mobile devices as a secondary benefit, the concept of on-demand is perhaps another caveat that we have yet to sing the praises of. Lab computers, laptops, residence hall access and at-home access are available through iTunes U. In essence, a secondary layer of portability. If we think of iTunes U more as a web site and less as an application the benefit becomes clear. 24 - 7 access to course content.

A best practice that we recommend is to download video and audio to the iTunes application prior to viewing. This viewing experience is then removed from the effects of network latency (slow connections and hiccups) and offers a more rewarding experience. You can download tracks from iTunes U to multiple computers, regardless of platform.

Happy viewing!!

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Ithaca College on iTunes U

Efficiency. iTunes U is an efficient means of distributing audio and video. One of the best arguments, in my opinion, for using iTunes U is the built-in organizational hierarchy.

Let's contrast, for a moment, an alternative. If I had access to a streaming server, I would need to FTP (upload using software) the video or audio file to a server. I would then need to ensure that everyone who needed to view it had a compatible media player, was on the right platform and understood the process of viewing and or downloading. Then there is the issue of portability. iTunes U solves each of these idiosyncrasies. iTunes U uses the well vetted iTunes application which is inherently cool. Apple achieves design nirvana with almost every product they spring on the world (almost, we're still trying to figure out the Apple Imagewriter).

iTunes is a cross-platform app. It is intuitive to even the most novice user. In the past, I've designed web sites to deal with media player spawning and on-line video delivery. iTunes takes the place of that with the sturdy construction and functionality of a full blown application.

In my opinion, iTunes was developed primarily to support the iPod. Apple is, after all, a business. They are in the business of selling iPods in their various manifestations. iTunes works flawlessly with the iPod, iTouch, iPhone and iPad.

iTunes U spawns inside of iTunes and therefore has a built-in module for uploading video, audio, PDFs and now .epubs with the click of a few buttons.  Moreover, we can rename and delete files and easily organize the structure of how the media is presented. No FTP program necessary and no knowledge of html or web design needed. Efficient.

iTunes U is Ithaca College's repository for video and audio and currently closed to the IC community. Interested? Contact Mark Hine or Marilyn Dispensa. We are here to help.


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Ithaca College on iTunes U

Sample of Current iTunes U Content Providers. Check them out!


  1. Hilary Greenberger (Physical Therapy): Video of muscular-skeletal examination
  2. Michael Buck (Physical Therapy):Audio podcasts of all his lectures and providing video mini lecturs to his students.
  3. Kevin Murphy (English): video lecture
  4. Rima Grunes (Hebrew): Audio of ancient blbilcal texts
  5. James Pfrehm (German): Video episodes of german scenarios.
  6. Park School: Radio samples from WICB and VICradio.
  7. School of Music: Audio music samples from IC performances.
  8. Library: Oral histories
  9. Athletics: video rowing technique, audio of mental training exercises.
  10. Residential life: weekly vodcasts for the HOME and SCC communities.


Do you have an idea or just want to experiment?

Please contact Marilyn ( or Mark ( if interested.

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