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TerraStar Handset

It seems like just yesterday wireless carriers were touting their 3G handsets and smart phones. Yesterday, however, launched (literally) the beginning of a new era in wireless communication:4th Generation Wireless. TerreStar Networks put the largest communications satellite in orbit to date which will provide a hybrid communications network of satellite and terrestrial mobile phone service. A new handset will follow which incorporates the bulky satellite antenna into the design. Terrastar compares this handset to the Blackberry Curve ( got one) which would be absolutely revolutionary. The service initially utilizes terrestrial cellular service and switches to satellite when necessary.

No price for the service or handset has been publicly announced. Expect it to be intially expensive. The concept of travelling anywhere in North America (including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico) without dropping a call is incredible. The company also expects to offer data and video plans. "Kirk to Enterprise. Check out my new phone!"


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