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Adobe Connect Pro, for the uninitiated, is a  suite of web conferencing tools. Web conferencing connects two or more parties remotely from a browser-based interface. The Adobe Connect Pro tool-set consists of video, audio, chat, screen sharing, file sharing and a few added features such as poll creation and link sharing. The big news is the latest update by which Adobe has completely re-vamped the application interface (UI) and has spent some time improving the connection quality.

One of my chief concerns regarding Adobe Connect Pro has been visual and aural quality. I've always expected more from the company that brings us the likes of Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design - excellent and reliable design tools. With this latest update it appears major changes are happening behind the scenes to improve both video and audio transmission quality. Latency has been reduced and the slick new interface provides a user-friendly environment with positive ergonomics in mind. For more information or to try it out, send an e-mail to

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