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I recently fielded an excellent question from one of our faculty regarding exporting PowerPoint slides as images. In his case, he needed to export a specific slide to a JPEG image to use for print. This operation is a two part process. I've copied my response below in hopes that others might find it useful.


You can export slides from PowerPoint and specify the type as JPEG (and several other formats).

First, navigate in the presentation to the slide you would like to convert to a JPEG. On a PC, depending on the version of PowerPoint you have, go to either 'File' or the ball in the upper left hand corner and choose 'Save As' then choose 'Other Formats'.

A file dialog box will open. In the file type pull down menu, scroll down (it's a long list but doesn't look it at first) until you see 'JPEG File Interchange Format'. This will export the slide or slides as a JPEG or series of JPEGs. If you have more than one slide it will ask you if you want to export the current slide or all of them.

PowerPoint's native resolution is 96 dpi, which won't normally suffice for print. Because the slide is relatively large, you can open it in Photoshop and change the resolution to 300 dpi.  This will take a 7.5" X 10" PPT slide to approximately 3.2" X 2.4" but will retain the quality of the slide for print.

Open the JPEG in Photoshop®

In Photoshop® choose 'Image' then 'Image Size...'

Under 'Document Size' enter 300 in place of 96 in the 'Resolution' field.  Be sure to deselect or uncheck 'Resample Image'.

Click OK then choose File >> Save.

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