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A technology that I have been following with great interest is the LED TV. LED's have served as low power console lights and indicator illumination for over two decades. Because of their reliability and low power usage they have appeared in traffic lights and automobile exterior illumination. Now LED's have been employed as the newest back-light technology for LCD televisions claiming higher contrast ratios, better picture quality and much thinner displays. In traditional LCD displays, fluorescent light tubes provide the output illumination and are mounted behind an LCD panel. This increases the thickness of the chassis. LED lamps can be mounted along the perimeter of the display, shining inward. The longevity of LEDs should far surpass the lifetime of fluorescent lighting- increasing the life of the TV. LEDs are also reportedly a greener alternative to fluorescents which may contain mercury and phosphorous. LEDs are generally cheaper to produce than their alternatives which should lower the price of HDTVs considerably.

A quick review at reveals that a 54" Samsung LED TV listed at $3200 while a similar sized traditional Samsung LCD TV was advertised for $5000.



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