Digital Media Services

Poster Printing and Design Services

RATES (New for 2014-15): Please note that we have now partnered with the Print Center to fulfill your print needs.  DMS will be the place where you can get design help all the way through to the print order and even pick up from our location.  All prices for Print Center printing will be their current rates.  In the case you have a "need to print it now" emergency DMS can still supply our in-house services at the following rates:

- 24” paper is 5.00/linear foot
-  36” paper is 6.00/linear foot  
-  42” paper is 7.00/linear foot


Lead time is five days to guarantee we have time to properly review your file. We reserve the right to increase lead time to accommodate campus events. You may e-mail your three megabyte or less file to Larger files should be delivered or mailed on a CD ROM or a flash drive. Please do not use the college seal, shield by itself or a rendition of the new logo. Please contact your Marketing and Communications  representative for the proper IC logo.


Poster Guidelines

  • Poster height is limited to the following sizes: 24" ; 36" ; 42"
  • Poster width is limited to a maximum of  56" if you are using a PowerPoint document
  • Poster width is limited to a maximum of 96" if you are using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign or similar design tool
  • PowerPoint color palette is limited to Web Safe 256
  • Try to use the Pantone® (coated) color palette when using the Adobe products
  • Screen color may render differently than print colors
  • Avoid fluorescent colors and highly saturated colors (use contrasting colors for accents, tooled lines, etc )
  • Use the highest quality photograph you can obtain (300 dpi or better)
  • Use high quality logos whenever possible (try to obtain a vector version of the logo)
  • Ask about logo storage and substitution - we will store your logo and use it when we print for you
  • Convert text to outlines when using a vector drawing program
  • Some PDF files (exported as PDF) require rasterizing which may affect final quality

 If you need a poster larger than the above specifications, we can help you locate an out-of-house printer. We recommend a consultation prior to submission.