Digital Media Services

Vision & Mission

Digital Media Services supports the acquisition, development and deployment of digital media technology at Ithaca College.  Our primary mission is to support instruction. Our vision is to enable and facilitate the use and integration of digital media and investigate and respond to emerging digital media technologies that may potentially benefit the college community. 

► Enhancing Instruction 
Working with faculty and staff, Digital Media Services will provide consultation and design services to support strategic projects which enhance instruction. 

► User Support
As a component of Technology and Instructional Support Services, Digital Media Services supports end users use of digital media technology. Accordingly, we  provide consultation and instruction on the use of video and audio hardware and software for instructional and institutional use.  

► Digital Media Production 
Digital Media Services provides and assists with the creation of original digital content, the digitization of analog content, the encoding of digital content and the publication of digital and analog content. We assist faculty with print projects including graphic design and large format printing.  

► Mobile Content
By leveraging the mobility of digital data, faculty and staff can extend the reach of their efforts.  Digital Media Services will facilitate and support the development of portable digital content and by extension provide digital pathways for the appropriate distribution of that content. Potential pathways include: the web; DVD; CD; mobile devices; and digital publishing.