Enterprise Content Management Program


The ECM team is currently working with a variety of departments on ECM-related efforts. For a full list of both active and completed projects visit the Official ECM Project List.

Active Projects Project Description
Registrar's Office
  • Automate processes and files (official transcripts from other institutions) related to "Transfer credit evaluation".  
  • Ability to update student files that were originally created in the Admissions office.  
  • Ownership of those files transfers to the Registrar during the summer before the first semester classes.  
  • Ability to share student files with Dean's offices and Provost’s office.
Accounts Payable
  • Allow Auxiliary Departments, with invoice entry responsibility, to scan documents directly into ECM and use workflow to queue approvals by the area supervisor and move the documents to AP for final approval.  
  • Provide a central place for departments to store and view documents related to requisition, purchase order, packing list, invoice and payment.  
  • Allow auditors to review documents.
  • Automate the Supplier Entry Form by providing an online form to capture data, initiate action to capture additional info as needed (W9 or Foreign National Questionnaire), and give final notification to requester that supplier was activated
Student Financial Services
  • Eliminate paper forms by utilizing eForms with electronic signatures.  
  • Automate the processing of student financial services applications by scanning information at receipt, updating the Banner checklist, and then using workflow to send it throughout the department as appropriate.  
  • Utilize the ECM system for student files.  Implement point-of-contact scanning at the SFS window.
Completed Projects Project Description
Undergrad. Admissions
  • Store all prospective student application material in the ECM solution.  
  • Provide automated processes for doing so.  
  • Utilize the ECM solution to create a workflow and eForms to automate the application review process (including an electronic version of the "decision sheet").  
  • Automate the hand off of documents and files to other departments.
  •  Provide more seamless collaboration abilities
Graduate Admissions
  • Graduate Admission Process: Create content management system for applications; eliminate printing of application duplication for Dean's.
  • Utilize ECM for process and workflow management.
  • Develop an E-Form for the decision memo.  
  • Variable entries dependent on program of study.
  • ECM coordination of post-decision documents (decision letters).
  • Transfer documents to Provost/Registrar as appropriate.