Enterprise Content Management Program


The ECM team is currently working with a variety of departments on ECM-related efforts. For a full list of both active and completed projects visit the Official ECM Project List.

Active Projects Project Description
Registrar's Office
  • Automate processes and files (official transcripts from other institutions) related to "Transfer credit evaluation".  
  • Ability to update student files that were originally created in the Admissions office.  
  • Ownership of those files transfers to the Registrar during the summer before the first semester classes.  
  • Ability to share student files with Dean's offices and Provost’s office.
Student Financial Services
  • Eliminate paper forms by utilizing eForms with electronic signatures.  
  • Automate the processing of student financial services applications by scanning information at receipt, updating the Banner checklist, and then using workflow to send it throughout the department as appropriate.  
  • Utilize the ECM system for student files.  Implement point-of-contact scanning at the SFS window.
Completed Projects Project Description
Undergrad. Admissions
  • Store all prospective student application material in the ECM solution.  
  • Provide automated processes for doing so.  
  • Utilize the ECM solution to create a workflow and eForms to automate the application review process (including an electronic version of the "decision sheet").  
  • Automate the hand off of documents and files to other departments.
  •  Provide more seamless collaboration abilities
Graduate Admissions
  • Graduate Admission Process: Create content management system for applications; eliminate printing of application duplication for Dean's.
  • Utilize ECM for process and workflow management.
  • Develop an E-Form for the decision memo.  
  • Variable entries dependent on program of study.
  • ECM coordination of post-decision documents (decision letters).
  • Transfer documents to Provost/Registrar as appropriate.