Technology Renewal

Replacement Schedule

Technology Renewal installations and questionnaire notifications are scheduled as follows throughout the year. While there are more departments listed as spring installations, the actual number of computers being installed in the Fall and Spring is approximately the same.  

Individuals who submit a questionnaire will receive an email two weeks to a month before the exact installation date. This email will include the install date and helpful information about preparing for the install.

Summer: Labs and e-Classrooms

Questionnaires are sent out beginning of April and are due back mid-April. Summer installations will occur between June 1st and mid-July. We work closely with lab coordinators and others to insure that summer classes are not affected.

Fall: Administrative Offices

Questionnaires are sent out the beginning mid-July and are due back early-August. The majority of the fall installations will occur between the middle of September and early mid-November.

Spring: Academic-related Offices

Questionnaires are sent out beginning of November and are due back mid-November. The majority of spring installations will occur between mid-January and March.