Technology Renewal


Replacement Specifications for 2014-15, Cycle A

Listed below are the current specifications for the desktop and laptop systems which will be installed as part of the Technology Renewal Program during 2014-15. This information is subject to change at any time, based on model updates and component availability. All computers will have the Ithaca College Software Bundle installed.

Important note: as announced earlier this year in Intercom, two major hardware changes were implemented June 1, 2014.

Apple Laptops: Due to the increased cost of the Apple 15” MacBook Pro laptop, we have moved to the 13” Mac Book Pro model.

Dell Tablet PC: The Tablet PC was discontinued by Dell.  There is no substitute model being planned.  Going forward all current Dell Tablet PCs in the program will be replaced with the Dell standard laptop.


Dell Office: Optiplex 7010 Mini Tower

Apple Office: Mac Mini

3.4GHz Intel Core i5

2.3GHz Intel Core i7

CPU only (does not include replacement monitor)

Mac Mini computers will include a flat panel monitor for the next three years only

(see 2/25/13 Intercom Announcement)



500GB Hard Drive

1TB Hard Drive

16x DVD +/- RW (RW both DVDs and CDs)

No Optical Drive Available

Intel Integrated Graphics with Dual Monitor Support

Intel Integrated Graphics

Windows 7 Professional

Mac OS X

Dell Lab: Optiplex 7010 Ultra Small Form Factor    

 Apple Lab: Mac Mini (Same as above)

2.9GHz Intel Core i5  
CPU only (does not include replacement monitor)  
320GB Hard Drive  
No Optical Drive  
Intel Integrated Graphics  
Windows 7 Professional  


Dell Laptop: Latitude E6440                                        

Apple Laptop: MacBook Pro

2.6Ghz Intel Core i5

2.8GHz Intel Core i7

14.0" HD+ LCD Display

13" Wide Screen Retina Display


8GB RAM (Note: Due to Apple changes RAM is not upgradable)

320GB Hard Drive

256GB PCI-e Flash Storage

8x DVD+/-RW (R/W both DVDs and CDs)           


Intel Pro Wireless adapter

AirPort Extreme Wireless Card 802.11n

Integrated Web Cam & Speakers

Integrated Web Cam & Speakers

Integrated Intel Graphics

Integrated Intel Graphics

Windows 7 Professional

Mac OS X

  (No Firewire port or internal network jack on the new laptops)

Network Printers

There are no network printers scheduled for replacement this year