Information for Faculty


The student response system supported by Ithaca College is the Turning Technologies NXT clickers with the Turning Point v. 5 software. This system allows instructors to ask questions and collect responses by students with clicker devices.  The instructor uses a receiver and software to collect responses, track students or poll anonymously.
Users can:

  1. Poll in Powerpoint (Powerpoint Polling)
  2. Poll in any application (Anywhere Polling)
  3. Self-paced Polling for quizzes and exams.

This system can import rosters directly from  Sakai with the new Turning Technologies-Sakai integration and can  export scores to the Sakai Gradebook or Post 'em tools. With Results Manager, instructors can track performance and attendance.

Ordering Clickers

Contact the Bookstore to order clickers for your classes as you would your textbook orders.

Getting Started

Once you have ordered clickers you need an "instructor kit" which includes a getting started guide, a receiver/flash drive, an instructor remote and a student clicker. The software is pre-loaded on the receiver/flash drive and does not need to be installed. Using the information on this site and in the getting started guide start using TurningPoint 5 to make questions. Order an Instructor Kit

Integration with Sakai

  • Students can register their clickers through Sakai.
  • Instructors can import participant lists directly through Sakai and export scores to the Grade book.
  • Please request the Turning Technologies Sakai tool by emailing with the course name.

More Information

More information on the pedagogy of clickers, the uses and methods of clickers, and the impact clickers can have in your class room will be coming soon.

For more information regarding Turning Technologies visit the Turning Technologies web site.

What faculty are saying about Clickers at IC!

~Quotes taken for Ithaca College faculty surveys done by ITS

"I use clickers to get my students more engaged in lectures, and to give us both feedback."

"I have used clickers effectively (before moving to the college-wide system) to monitor attendance and get immediate feedback from students."

"The use of clickers moves my course from being a prepared set of lecture notes that I simply re-write on the blackboard and students copy into their notes (and as the saying goes 'pass through the brains of no one') to one where I'm responding in real time to student learning needs. I can spend less time on topics that students understand and more on the ones they don't."

Known Issues

1. If students are using an clicker with a firmware older then 2.0.3. they will need to update it to avoid an issue with numerical questions.  Please contact for information on how to update.