Courses for the LA Minor, Spring 2013


Minor in

Latin American Studies


Are you interested in Latin America? Its people? Its literature? Its economics? Its politics? Its history?


Consider minoring in



Latin American Studies


If you are thinking of careers in:


●government    ●business   ●commerce


●communication   ●teaching   ●environment


The goals of the minor are to foster greater knowledge of Latin American and to explore the cultural contributions of the area to the global community.


To earn a minor, you need 18 credits.


Students will complete the minor by taking courses on Latin American in at least two different departments, or for more breadth, by choosing courses in several departments and by fulfilling a language requirement. Spanish and Portuguese are considered the two main languages, but other native languages (e.g., Quechua, Maya, and Aymara) may be considered. Only one three-credit course is allowed from the student’s major department. The specific courses are selected according to the students’ interests from a list of approved by the Latin American faculty. A total of six transfer credits (three credits grammar/conversation, three credits content) may be used towards the LAS minor as well as three credits from another minor. Students pursuing a minor in Latin American Studies are encouraged to study abroad.


For further information contact Professors Jonathan Ablard, History,, 274-3558) or Jennifer Jolly, Anthropology,, 274-1254.


Please see reverse side for course listing.


List of Approved Courses

Latin American Studies Minor

Spring 2013


ANTH 39012-01     Legal Anthropology                                                              TR 1:10             Pimentel Walker


Art History

ARTH 16000-01     Art Across Cultures                                                               MWF 1:00        Jolly

ARTH 16000-02     Art Across Cultures                                                               MWF 3:00        Jolly

ARTH 36600-01     Art & Revol. Latin America                                                TR 9:25             Jolly


Communication Studies

CMST 34700-01     Intercultural Communication                                             MWF 9:00        Brown

CMST 34700-02     Intercultural Communications                                           MWF 10:00      Brown


Culture, Race and Ethnicity

CSCR 23700-01      History of the US-Mexico Borderlands                             TR 10:50           Licon

CSCR 37400-01      Latino/a Social Movements                                                TR 1:10             Licon


Department of Education

EDUC 34000-01      Social and Cultural Foundations of Education               MWF 1:00        Baptiste

EDUC 34000-02      Social and Cultural Foundations of Education               MWF 2:00        Baptiste

EDUC 34000-03      Social and Cultural Foundations of Education               TR 9:25             Michel

EDUC 34000-04      Social and Cultural Foundations of Education               TR 10:50           Michel


Environmental Studies

ENVS 38000-01      Selected Topics: Sustainability in the Amazon               May 2013         Allen-Gil

ENVS 38200-01      Topics in Environmental Policy                                          TR 10:50           Allen-Gil



HIST 29204-01       Selected Topics: Commodities & the Americas              MWF 11:00      Ablard

HIST 29404-02       Selected Topics: Commodities & the Americas              MWF 12:00      Ablard


Modern Languages and Literatures

SPAN 27000-01       Experiencing Teatro                                                              TBA                   Levine

SPAN 32200-01       Analysis of Hispanic Literature*                                        MWF 1:00        DiFrancesco

SPAN 32300-01       Conversation I: Contemporary Issues*                            MWF 9:00        Varona-Lacey

SPAN 32400-01       Conversation II: Sp. Speaking World*                             MWF 11:00      Lopez-Arias, J.

SPAN 33800-01       Introduction to Latin American Literature*                    TR 10:50           Levine

SPAN 47100-01       Latin American Fiction*                                                      TR 9:25             Varona-Lacey



POLT 12200-01       Politics and Society                                                               TR 10:50           Rodriguez

POLT 12200-02       Politics and Society                                                               TR 1:10             Rodriguez

POLT 32700-01       Politics of Development                                                       TR 4:00             Rodriguez

POLT 33500-01       Crossing Borders/Global Migrations                                  MWF 12:00      Gagnon


Recreation & Leisure Studies

RLS 27700-01         Ecotourism & Natural Resource Mgmt.                            Block 1 M 6:15/Block 2 M 6:15

                                                                                                                                      Trip Mar 9-17   Heyne


SOCI 20800-01       Social Change                                                                        TR 9:25             Swords

SOCI 32600-01       Social Movements                                                                MW 4:00           Swords

SOCI 42400-01       Global Sociology                                                                   TR 1:10             Swords


*Course taught in Spanish

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