MEDIA CONSTRUCTION OF WAR: A Critical Reading of History


Center for Media Literacy
A nonprofit educational organization that provides leadership, public education, professional development, and educational resources nationally.

Alliance for a Media Literate America
A membership organization helping all people to be able to critically analyze and create messages using the wide variety of media, technology, and communication tools now available.

Action Coalition for Media Education
Resources, research, and media literacy information with a focus on education, independent media voices, and political reform.

Media Awareness Network
A Canadian nonprofit with a comprehensive collection of media education and Internet literacy resources, including lesson plans, articles, research, reports, and reference materials.

"The global network for democratic media," featuring criticism, breaking news, and investigative reporting from hundreds of organizations worldwide.

Media Literacy Clearinghouse
A large listing of resources including lesson plans, critical analysis, and links. Includes sections on War Reporting/Resources, Images of War, and Visual Literacy.

Media Literacy Review
An extensive list of resource links and a biannual online publication of information and resources related to the influence of media in the lives of children, youth, and adults.


Cable in the Classroom
A cable industry-sponsored resource for educators including lesson plans, schedules of programs that can be taped for classroom use, and online magazines such as "Access Learning."

Discovery Channel School
Teaching resources plus information about Discovery television programs.

Channel One's Media Mastery Series
Curriculum materials to help teachers begin to incorporate media literacy and strengthen students' critical thinking and communication skills.

The New York Times Learning Network
Teacher resources for all levels plus links to New York Times news features.

PBS TeacherSource
Large listing of lesson plans and classroom activities.


America Strikes Back? Critical Media Literacy in Times of War
An extensive multi-media website designed to engage readers to think critically about news during war, focusing on the War in Afghanistan and the 2003 War in Iraq.

Freedom Forum
"A nonpartisan foundation dedicated to free press, freespeech and free spirit for all people." With articles, links to news organizations, and over 200 front pages of newspapers from 33 countries.

TIME magazine searchable archive of covers since 1923

World Newspapers
Links to thousands of English language online newspapers and news sources from around the world.

Mideast News Service
A broad selection of regional and global news reportsfrom and about the Middle East.

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)
A media watchdog group that provides documentedcriticism of media bias and censorship, including analysis of media coverage of war.

Media&Values Magazine, Issue #56
From the online collection of the Media&Values magazine published by the Center for Media Literacy from 1977 to 1993. See Issue #56 from Fall 1991 The Media: In War and Peace for articles and activities especially relevant for study of the Gulf War.