College Marketing Advisory Council (CMAC)

The College Marketing Advisory Council (CMAC) is the College’s primary marketing advisory group lending campus-wide perspectives to all major marketing initiatives and institutional branding strategies. CMAC will work closely with the Office of Marketing Communications to develop, disseminate, prioritize, and implement efforts that will improve the College’s overall position in the marketplace. CMAC will advise and report to the Associate Vice President for Marketing Communications, and the Vice President for Enrollment and Communication.

CMAC’s responsibilities will include the following:

  • Represent the interests of the campus community with the implementation of College-wide marketing initiatives and brand identity standards.
  • Serve as a liaison in respective divisions to:
    • gather ideas and perspectives from the campus community
    • actively work to increase understanding of the College’s marketing activities
    • share information for public dissemination with the individuals you represent
  • Serve as an advisory board and provide feedback for the Office of Marketing Communications in their efforts to execute effective marketing strategies.
  • Make recommendations to the senior administrators on matters that directly impact the College’s efforts to effectively and distinctively position itself within the higher education marketplace.
  • Review and provide feedback on the Licensing and Trademark Enforcement Program annually to discuss effectiveness, opportunities and further educational opportunities.
  • Review and provide feedback on the annual Institutional Strategic Marketing Plan, and the brand awareness advertising campaign.


2013-14 Membership

Enrollment and Communication

  • Eric Maguire *
    Vice President, Enrollment and Communication
  • Rachel Reuben *
    Associate Vice President, Marketing Communications
  • Gerard Turbide
    Director, Admission
  • Chris Pollock
    Director, Advancement Communications
  • Bonny Griffith
    Director, Client and Enrollment Marketing
  • Molly Israel
    Director, Communication
  • Brian Ireley
    Director, Digital Strategy
  • Kris Miller
    Director, Creative Services
  • Joe Gladziszewski
    Associate Director, Athletic Communications


Tina Thurston
Assistant to the Associate Vice President, Marketing Communications

Amy Thompson
Administrative Project Specialist, Marketing Communications

Academic/Educational Affairs/SACL

  • Dawn Kline
    Assistant Dean, School of Business
  • Diane Gayeski
    Dean, Park School of Communications
  • Rob Gearhart
    Assistant Provost for Online Learning and Extended Studies
  • Linda Petrosino
    Dean, School of Health Science & Human Performance
  • Leslie Lewis
    Dean, School of Humanities & Sciences
  • Townsend Plant
    Director of Music Admissions and Assistant Dean for Preparatory and Summer Programs
  • Scott Hamula, Matt Price
    Faculty Representatives
  • Susan Bassett
    Director, Athletics
  • Doreen Hettich-Atkins
    Senior Assistant to the Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Campus Life

Finance and Administration

  • Dave Weil
    Director, EAS, ITS
  • Zach Newswanger
    Director, Facilities Maintenance
  • Dave Prunty
    Director, Campus Center and Event Services

Legal and Human Resources

  • Kirra Franzese
    Director, Recruitment

Institutional Advancement

  • Carrie Brown
    Executive Director, Alumni Affairs

Office of the President

  • Bailey Reagan
    Assistant to the President, Office of the President

Student Representative

  • Blake Crist ’14
  • Jen Segal '14

Alumni Representative

  • Amy Doonan Cronin ‘82
  • Benjamin Costello ‘97

* co-chairs