MarCom Units

Office of Marketing Communications

Bonny Griffith, Interim Associate Vice President for Marketing Communications
Tina Thurston, Assistant to the AVP
Amy Thompson, Administrative Project Specialist

Advancement Communications

  • Chris Pollock, Director
  • Wendy Hankle, Writer/Editor
  • Helene Maddux, Advancement Communications Manager


  • Molly Israel, Director 
  • Dave Maley, Associate Director for Media Relations
  • Megan Christopher, Communication and Media Relations Specialist
  • Robin Roger, Assistant Director for Editorial Services
  • Allison Kaiser, Editorial Assistant
  • Hope Dodge, Senior Editor
  • Stephen Shoemaker, Content Marketing Specialist
  • Mike O'Neill, Social Media Strategist

Athletic Communications (

  • TBD, Associate Director, Athletics Communications
  • Justin Lutes, Assistant Director, Athletics Communications
  • John Enright, Athletic Communications Multimedia Specialist

Client and Enrollment Marketing

  • Bonny Griffith, Director
  • Melissa Gattine, Interim Team Lead and Marketing Communications Manager, Roy H. Park School of Communication
  • (vacant), Marketing Communications Manager, School of Humanities and Sciences
  • Dave Cameron, Recruitment Marketing Web Content Producer
  • Paul Deamer, Marketing Communications Manager, School of Business
  • Matt Morgan, Marketing Communications Manager, School of Health Sciences and Human Performance
  • Kelly Stern, Marketing Communications Manager, Enrollment Marketing
  • Jenny Stockdale, Marketing Communications Manager, School of Music

Creative Services

  • Kris Miller, Director
  • Adam Baker, Multimedia Producer and Developer
  • Cristina Eagan, Visual Designer/Developer
  • Jill Fisher, Project and Digital Asset Coordinator
  • Katherine Malcuria, Visual Designer/Developer
  • Gio Santacroce, Multimedia Producer (temporary)
  • Melissa Chiotti Sweeney, Visual Designer/Developer
  • Nellie Wallace, Creative Copywriter
  • Alaina Gardner, Visual Designer/Developer (temporary)

Digital Strategy

  • Brian Ireley, Director


Organizational charts: