Concert & Recital Planning

The information below is for those who have a recital already scheduled.
For information about scheduling your recital, visit our "Scheduling Your Recital" page. 


  • You can set your dress rehearsal for any time in the hall that is available on the schedule. Most people hold it 3-7 days before the performance, but it’s up to you, your teacher, and your collaborators. You must have your dress rehearsal scheduled by using the online system or being in touch with Erik Kibelsbeck by three weeks prior to your desired dress rehearsal date(s). After that, other things may be booked in the hall that will limit your options and possibly preclude you being able to schedule a dress rehearsal. If you will need harpsichord, organ, or second piano during a dress rehearsal, you MUST make arrangement for that when booking your dress rehearsal time(s).
  • Pianists may book 3 hours, percussionists 2.5 hours, and all others 2 hours. The minimum length of a block is one hour. Please note that an “hour” usually means 50 minutes to allow for the next event in the space to begin on time. Follow the class schedule during daytimes.



  • Please see the Concert Program section regarding all issues pertaining to concert programs. Programs must be submitted at least one week in advance of the concert date.


  • All recitals in Ford, Hockett, and Nabenhauer are audio recorded. To obtain a copy of your recital, visit the recording services page and fill out the appropriate form.


  • Only ensemble concerts that have been cleared through a copyright process are webcasted.
  • Recitals are not webcasted and "self service" webcasts are not permitted. Webcasting your own recital is a breach of copyright and all legal issues will fall on you, the performer.
  • Video recording services are available for composition recitals and graduating conducting recitals that take place in Ford or Hockett. If you are a composition major or graduate conductor and you are interested in having your recital video recorded, you must notify Cass Barbour (info) at least one month prior to your recital. Fees apply.


  • All live sound (that is, amplification/playback) needs are handled by Recording Services. If you require some type of live sound support during your performance, you must fill out and submit the live sound support form a minimum of two weeks before your concert. Note: Using the AV/computer cart for sound will not send the sound to the house speakers without the involvement of recording services. If this is ok with you that’s fine, but for sound to go through the house speakers, you need to do a live sound request.
  • For questions or issues regarding live sound needs, please email or see Brian Dozoretz in 4106.


  • We supply a two-person stage crew for the recital; one is available to turn pages for a pianist if desired. If your setup or changes require more people, you are welcome to provide volunteers to assist. No crew is provided for dress rehearsals.
  • Available lighting is limited to clear washes and pre-set lighting settings, essentially no special effects are possible. Stand lights can be checked out in advance from the Instrument Repair Shop window; none are available from the concert staff.  If you have specific questions, ask Erik Kibelsbeck.
  • If your staging/setup needs are anything beyond a basic setup, including the use of the shell in Ford, please be in touch with Erik Kibelsbeck (JJWCM 3328) two weeks before your recital.
  • If you plan to use any projection, please plan ahead to make sure it works for you. While stage crew will do their best to help, you should not assume they can make untested PowerPoints (etc) work at the last moment. Technically, we do not provide technical support. See Erik Kibelsbeck if in any doubt.
  • If you plan to seat audience on stage in Ford Hall, you must notify the concert manager of the desired configuration three weeks prior to the recital.  Note that some setups will mean your recording will not sound good unless you hire recording services to treat the recital as a recording session with special microphones, etc.


  • Since the renovation most people do not use shells in Ford, but if you are using them, you are responsible for getting them from the Ford Hall stage-left closet, setting them up, AND returning them afterwards. Instructions are on the back. Stage crew will handle them for the performance.


  • Students performing their culminating required recital (senior or final graduate) may book Ford Hall Lobby (sometimes known as the "diva lounge") for a reception following their recital. 
  • Depending on the recital schedule, the reception space may be shared with multiple recitalists.
  • Basic 6 foot event tables are available.
  • Ithaca College policy mandates that food served at any reception be prepared in accordance with NYS Health Department guidelines---this means you can have it catered, or bring in from a grocery store or other food provider, but that homemade food may not be served. 
  • Reception space is normally reserved one hour prior to your recital start time through 2 hours after your recital start time. On busy days, however, adjustments may have to be made, you will be contacted if any difficulties are envisioned.
  • While your reception helpers will usually be able to set up before your recital begins, occasionally there is overlap and you may need to work with a previous reception. 
  • Afterwards, if there is more garbage than the nearby wastebaskets can handle, please remove all leftover food and garbage from the area by taking to the loading dock bins.
  • It is the recitalist¹s responsibility for leaving the space the way it was found, which means cleaning up any mess generated by the reception.


  • The hall becomes "yours" 30 minutes prior to your start time, and someone else may well be scheduled in there 90 minutes after your start time. Do not plan on setups that require more than this much time. 
  • Please limit your warmup time onstage so that we can open the doors for the audience by 10 minutes before the recital at the latest. The audience should not see or hear you till you begin the recital.
  • Recitals should start within two minutes of the published start time.
  • The student house manager, stage crew, and ushers are there to assist and guide you so that you can focus on the performance.


  • Please limit posters to the first floor of the Whalen Center; they should not be posted in stairwells or on glass or paint.  Your locker and others' lockers (with permission) are good locations, as are general bulletin boards.  It is your responsibility to remove your posters within two days of the recital. Please follow guidelines for other buildings on campus as required.  
  • An option for printing is the Center for Print Production; if you use them you are responsible for all costs and for picking them up at the Center, student recital posters are not able to be delivered to the music office. 
  • Ithaca College is committed to facilitating the full participation of people with disabilities in all campus programs, activities, and events. For this reason, as well as to ensure compliance with state and federal laws, please include the following statement on your poster: "Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact (607) 274-3717 or We ask that requests for accommodations be made as soon as possible."

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