Healthy Living for Musicians

Healthy Living Classes & Seminars

Course Title: Prevention of Music Related Injuries

MUMC 41300-01

This course examines the physical and mental factors, which affect the performance of musicians. Basic anatomy and physiology will be covered with major emphasis on injury prevention. In depth discussions will focus on practice habits, postures, and stress management. This course is scheduled to be offered every other spring semester during block 1. Course was offered spring 2012. 1 credit. 

Primary Instructor:

Nicholas Quarrier 


Course Title: Cultivating Meditative Awareness for Musicians and Others

MUMC 28700

Students will explore their own values, beliefs, behaviors, and trace the cause for and sources of. In addition, students will discover how they express those values and beliefs though their actions and learn to evaluate the effects of these values and beliefs upon their daily lives. Ultimately, students will come to understand the developmental process of identity formation. 3 credits.

Primary Instructor:

Michael Z. Faber


Course Title: Feldenkrais for Musicians

MUMC 51000

This course is based on the "awareness through movement" lessons developed by Moshe Feldenkrais. Through gentle movement sequences, musicians can learn to improve coordination, posture, and balance, which can lead to more artistic performance. 1 credit.

Primary Instructor:

Carol McAmis

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