Whalen Room Sign-Out Procedure

Signing out rooms in the Whalen Center

  • You can check room availability and request room reservations online.
  • You however are not required to do so; Erik Kibelsbeck can continue to provide the personalized service offered in the past. 
  • This page is designed to make you aware of parameters, essential information, and how to actually use the system, called 25Live.


  • This system still requires all requests to be confirmed (or adjusted/denied) by the facility manager. 
  • You do not have a room reserved until you have an emailed confirmation.
  • Requests are only seen by the facility manager Mondays through Fridays 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.  Thus, requests made (for example) on a Saturday for the next day cannot be seen in time to be confirmed.
  • It is also strongly recommended that requests on weekdays are in 24 hours ahead; requests put in at 10 a.m. for 1 p.m. the same day are not guaranteed to be seen in time. 
  • If you fully put in a request and do not get a response within a reasonable amount of time and you suspect that the request has not been received, contact Erik Kibelsbeck.


  • Recitals and concerts will be scheduled by the concert/facility manager as in the past.  
  • Dress rehearsals for recitals: you can check the availability of the hall and request the appropriate number of hours for your dress rehearsal.
    • You should complete this step by three weeks prior to your desired date(s). 
    • Please do not request the space until you are certain it’s a time that will work for all involved.
    • There should not be a “pencil this in” kind of culture as the changes will become bewildering.
    • Necessary changes are possible.
  • General room bookings (sectionals, chamber music, rehearsals, meetings, etc.!)
    • We will all need to be considerate in requesting rooms that are in demand.
    • Just for example, a string quartet should request a second floor classroom for a rehearsal rather than 3302, even though 3302 is bigger, since a group that needs a grand piano could need 3302.
    • Sound bleed can also be an issue that must be considered.  
    • Please be understanding if you’re asked to switch your booking to a different room. 
  • Booking changes:  If you have a booking in place, especially a weekly one, that you no longer need, please either use the system yourself to cancel it or advise Erik Kibelsbeck. 
  • Weekend bookings:  
    • Please have all weekend booking requests in by noon Fridays.
    • From 5:30 p.m. Friday to midnight Sunday, the AMP on duty has the official schedule.

Reminder: rooms should be left neat when you leave; sometimes this means better than you found it. Always assume that the next thing in there is a class.

  • Times between “hours”:  
    • Note that bookings follow the class schedule, even if listed as a full hour
    • On MWF:  a “10 a.m.” booking is really 10 a.m. - 10:50 a.m..  
    • On TR the morning room bookings run from X:50 through (X+1):40 and afternoon bookings run from X:05-X:55.
  • Finals weeks are not booked through this system, you need to contact Erik Kibelsbeck for room reservations during finals weeks.


  • If you don’t see a room listed, it’s likely because it normally can’t be reserved. Contact Erik Kibelsbeck with any questions.
  • For receptions: 3101 is Husa, and “Ford Lobby” is the name in this system for what we informally call the “diva lounge.”  You may have to set the estimated attendance to zero to get these rooms to come up for you.
  • 1207 cannot be signed out ordinarily except by music education organizations. 
  • 3311, the conference room, cannot be signed out for rehearsals.
  • Ford/Hockett/Nabenhauer are primarily signed out for dress rehearsals.  Dress rehearsal total hours you may sign out: pianists 3 hours, percussionists 2.5 hours, all others 2 hours.  These may be divided into blocks of not less than an hour if desired.

Please address any questions not covered above to Erik Kibelsbeck

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