Letter From the ALANA Student Mentor

Dear Viewer,

Welcome the the Ithaca College School of Music Diversity webpage. I am excited to share with you the steps we are taking to help maintain and further Ithaca College as an institution that celebrates diversity at the SoM.

At the school of music, we understand that our student body is shaped by different experiences, cultures, and environments. We think that this is essential to create an atmosphere at the SoM where students can learn from each other, but also use their experiences to influence the musical climate of the SoM.

Not only are we proud of the diversity within our student population, but we are also looking forward to providing more opportunities for our students to diversify their musical experience. The SoM is beginning to explore the music that exists outside of the western music paradigm. Over the last year, our ALANA student population has grown exponentially, and we are committed to creating an environment where they are celebrated and comfortable to become the best musician that they can be.

Please look around our site to learn more about diversity at the School of Music.


Gregory Evans
ALANA Student Mentor