November 4, 2013 | Program

After Dinner Mint | "Forces of Nature"
11/4/13 | 7 p.m. | Hockett Family Recital Hall

Oceans, wind, weather, wildfires—and the fluid states of war and peace they share—continue to inspire composers and performers in a number of soulful and enchanting ways. These elements permeate the varied motion of animals and the cycle of plants, transforming the natural world around mankind, cutting canyons of clarity, beauty, and awe in their wake. 

Join a storm of Ithaca College School of Music faculty for the next After Dinner Mint concert, where their variations on this interconnected beauty will affix the power of sound to the very Forces of Nature. 

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The Program

La cigale et la fourmie, d’après Lafontaine’                                       
(The grasshopper and the ant, after Lafontaine)
Antal Dorati (1906-1988)
Paige Morgan, oboe                       

“Ombra mai fu” from Serse                                                          
George Frideric Handel (1685-1759)
Jennifer Kay, mezzo-soprano
Blaise Bryski, piano

Shenandoah Variations
Cast Your Fate to the Wind                                              
Traditional/Campos & Vince Guaraldi/arr Campos
Frank Campos, flugelhorn

Paul McCandless (b.1947)
Paige Morgan, oboe
John White, piano

Raga Music for solo clarinet (1957)                                          
John Mayer  (1930-2004)
Vilasakhani Megha (Rainy Season)                        
Vibhasa (Sunrise)
Gunakali (Morning)
Shri (Afternoon)
Pilau (Evening)
Puravi (End of Day)
Kanada (In the Deep of Night)
Vasanta (Spring Raga)
Michael Galvan, clarinet

Old and Lost Rivers (1986)                                                         
Tobias Picker (b. 1954)
Nathan Hess, piano

Ferdinand the Bull for Speaker and Violin (1936)     
Text by Munroe Leaf, music by Alan Ridout (1934-1996)
Susan Waterbury, violin
Paige Morgan, speaker

Wave Trilogy
1. "Ebb Tide" (1953)                                
lyrics Carl Sigman, music Robert Maxwell
Marc Webster, vocal
John White, piano

2. "Wave" (1967) 
Antonio Carlos Jobim                                                           
Frank Campos, flugelhorn
John White, piano

3. "Love is the Seventh Wave" (1985)                          
Sting (Gordon Sumners) (b. 1951)
Jenny Stockdale, vocal
John White, piano