Past Repertoire


God Be Praised by Kevin Bond
Hallelujah, Give Him the Highest Praise by Marcus Smith
Thou O Lord are a Shield by Carol Cymbala
My Soul's Been Anchored in the Lord by Moses Hogan
Precious Lord by Thomas Dorsey, arranged by Nathan Carter
Great is The Faithfulness by William M. Runyan, arranged by Nathan Carter
Hallelujah! A Soulful Celebration arranged by Teena Chinn
Anthem of Praise by Richard Smallwood
Everybody, Clap Your Hands by Percy Gray Jr.
For Unto Us a Child is Born by James Glover
Bless the Lord, O My Soul by Glenn Burleigh
I Can Count on You by Stan Spottswood
Order My Steps by Glenn Burleigh
Hallelujah, He's Worthy by Judith McAllister


Let Everything That Hath Breath by Jeffery L. Ames
Life Every Voice and Sing by J.R. Johnson, arranged by R. Carter
The Tribulation Suite (movements 1,2) by M. Roger Holland II
Ujima by Glenn Burleigh
The Light by Glenn Burleigh
Awesome and Incredible by Stanley Spottswood
I Will Look to the Hills by Glenn Burleigh
Why Do We Sing? by Gale Jones Murphy
We Exist to Give You Praise by Kurt Carr
Order My Steps by Glenn Burleigh


So Glad to be Here by Raymond Wise
Hallowed by Thy Name by Kenneth Lyle/Kurt Lykes
National Anthem arranged by Raymond Wise
An Instrument Ready for Praise by Stan Spottswood
I Don't Know What You've Come to Do by Raymond Wise
Even Me by Michael Reid, orchestration by Chuck Carther
How Majestic is Your Name by Michael W. Smith, arranged by Shawn Tyson
Dide ta Deo Nigerian Folk Song arranged by Uzee Brown, collected by Wendell P. Whalum
Afro American Suite by Raymond Wise
    Oh Freedom
    Freedom's Lament
    Free to let it Go
    One Day We'll be Free


Spiritual: Cain't No One Know by Ysaye Barnwell
From Every Mountain by Kurt Carr
Sing This Song For You by Radio Cremata and Baruch Whitehead
Gospel Mass by Robert Ray
    VI.  Agnus Dei
    II. Acclamation
    III. Credo
Anthem of Praise by Richard Smallwood
Spirituals - Traditional

Tribute to Glenn Burleigh
Glenn Song by Stanley Spottswood
Faithful Over a Few Things by Glenn Burleigh
Jesus is the King by Glenn Burleigh
Order My Steps by Glenn Burleigh
Hosanna by Glenn Burleigh
Center of My Joy by Richard Smallwood


Gabi, Gabi - Traditional South African, arranged by William C. Powell
The Word Was Gone by Rosephanye Powell
Ascribe to the Lord by Rosephanye Powell
I Wanna Be Ready arranged by Rosephanye Powell
Jesus is a Rock by Glenn Burleigh
I Am Thine, O Lord by Fanny J. Crosby, arranged by Powell/Powell
Nia by Glenn Burleigh
Order My Steps by Glenn Burleigh
He Is Marvelous! by Rosephanye Powell
We Worship You by Rosephanye Powell
Let Everything that Hath Breath by Thomas Whitfield
Heaven's Currency by Stanley Spottswood
Total Praise by Richard Smallwood
Faithful is Our God by Hezekiah Walker


Master of Ceremony by Rev. Robert Earl
This is the Day by Smith
I Will Look to the Hills by Burleigh
I Wanna be Ready arranged by White
Rejoice in the Lord by White
Covered by the Blood by White
My Lips Shall Praise Thee by Spottswood
Jesus Is the King by Burleigh
Solo Selections by White
Faithful Over a Few Things by Burleigh
Order My Steps by Burleigh
Ujima by Burleigh
My Heart Says Yes by White
Calling My Name by Walker
Hallelujah Chorus by Handel, arranged by M. Warren