Non-Major Ensembles

Ithaca College is pleased to offer four non-music major ensembles (band, chorus, orchestra, jazz) that rehearse once a week and perform each semester.  For additional information on non-music major opportunities at Ithaca College please visit



Play ►  Sinfonietta    Wednesday, 4/15/2015    8:15PM EST


Play ►  Campus Band and Campus Jazz Ensemble    Sunday, 12/6/2014    12:00PM EST

Play ►  Campus Choral Ensemble    Thursday, 12/3/2014    7:00PM EST

Play ►  Sinfonietta    Tuesday, 12/2/2014    7:00PM EST



Play ►  Campus Band and Campus Jazz Ensemble    Saturday, 5/3/2014     12:00PM EST

Play ►  Campus Choral Ensemble    Thursday, 4/24/2014     7:00PM EST

Play ►  Sinfonietta    Tuesday, 4/22/2014     7:00PM EST

Play ►  Campus Band & Campus Jazz Ensemble      Saturday, 12/07/2013      12:00 PM - EST

Play ►  Sinfonietta & Campus Choral Ensemble      Tuesday, 12/03/2013      8:15 PM - EST