New York University
5–6 April 2014


The Program Committee for the 2014 meeting of the Music Theory Society of New York State (MTSNYS) invites proposals for papers and presentations on any topic related to music theory and analysis.

  1. Proposals are invited for regular thirty-minute presentations or for other formats, such as poster sessions or special panels.
  2. Any number of proposals may be submitted by an individual, but no more than one will be accepted.
  3. Papers given at national conferences or previously published will not be considered.
  4. Presentations by graduate students will be eligible for the Patricia Carpenter Award, which includes a cash prize and publication in Theory and Practice.

Paper submission should include:

  1. A proposal of no more than 500 words, including any footnotes or endnotes, sent as a .pdf file attached to an e-mail message. The proposal may be accompanied by a maximum of four pages of supplementary material (such as musical examples, diagrams, and bibliography), not to be counted within the 500-word limit. Proposals for regular thirty-minute presentations must not include the author’s name and should be purged of any indications of the author’s identity. “Author” tags must be removed from electronic files. Proposals for non-conventional formats need not be submitted anonymously.
  2. An abstract of 200–250 words, suitable for publication, also attached as a separate .pdf file.
  3. A cover e-mail message giving the submitter's name, address, institutional affiliation, academic status, and telephone number, plus a list of all audio and visual needs.

Proposals should be sent to:

Philip Lambert

PROPOSAL DEADLINE IS 1 OCTOBER 2013, 11:59 A.M., Eastern Daylight Time

Members of the 2014 Program Committee are Philip Lambert (CUNY), chair; Maureen Carr (Pennsylvania State University), Sigrun Heinzelmann (Oberlin Conservatory), William Marvin (ex officio, Eastman School of Music), Paul Miller (Cornell University).

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