Priorities & Projects


Education is the primary mission of Ithaca College and a top priority for the management of all four ICNL reserves.  Below are some examples of courses that use ICNL as an outdoor classroom:

Environmental Sentinels (ENVS 120) - Students build local environmental knowledge through wilderness skills and awareness training.  (For case study analysis, see the featured publication at right.)

Land Use and Management (ENVS 331) - Teaches concepts and theories of land-use science as well as practical management skills such as planning, mapping, and trail building.

Farming the Forest (ENVS 350) - Students collaborate to run a non-timber forest products business serving campus and local outlets.  South Hill Forest Products include maple syrup, edible mushrooms, honey, and other hive products.

Outdoor Adventure Pursuits (RLS 151) - Examines the historical, psychological, social, and philosophical foundations of outdoor adventure pursuits.

Field Biology (BIOL 275) - Students spend a weekly 5-hour field exercise on ICNL reserves designing and executing a research project.  

Archaeological Methods and Techniques (ANTH 305) - Arranged in the way that archaeologists approach the solution of a research problem, the course uses specially designed simulated excavation sites.