IC in the Media

IC in the Media

A sampling from media accounts that reference Ithaca College or quote members of the college community.

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Michael McCall, professor and chair, Department of Marketing and Law
In an article discussing service tipping amounts by Quartz, a digital news outlet for business in the new global economy, McCall was quoted on perceived nationwide tipping trends. “Those numbers are pretty consistent with what we’ve found. The average tip was once about 15%, but it’s...


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Diane Gayeski, dean, Roy H. Park School of Communications
In an article published by, an online career resource, Gayeski offers tips for successfully communicating with a virtual workforce. “Encourage remote workers to ‘drop in’ to talk to you on Skype like they would if they saw your office door open.”



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Annemarie Farrell, associate professor and chair, Department of Sport Management and Media
Farrell commented on the desire of fans to see an underdog upset a top-ranked school in the NCAA basketball tournament. “We’re talking about the concept of the Cinderella. It focuses on American ideology.”

Outlet: Los Angeles Times


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Paul De Luca, lecturer, Department of Biology
The article discussed De Luca’s research proving that different bee species do buzz in different characteristic ways, and that bumblebees have two different sorts of buzzes used for different purposes.

Outlet: The Economist
Publication date: March 1, 2014
Headline: “


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Jeff Cohen, director, Park Center for Independent Media
The research and reference portal asked Cohen about the creation of “The Intercept,” part of First Look Media, a provider of original independent journalism, and the bias of traditional mainstream media outlets. “We don’t know how it’s going to turn out at First Look Media, but...


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