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Posted by Shannon Mazourek at 10:38AM   |  1 comment

Evan Nison, Ithaca College junior
College students across the country have played a part in Proposition 19, the ballot initiative that would legalize and regulate marijuana in California, including students from Ithaca College. “This is one of our generation’s most important issues,” said Nison, who has spent the last five months helping to coordinate the campaign on 40 campuses statewide. “Students are going to be the deciding factor, and I’m in charge of colleges. Talk about stress.”

Outlet: New York Times
Publication Date: October 30, 2010
Headline: “Battle Over California Marijuana Initiative Goes Down to the Wire

1 Comment

Yep, the students should really participate in this event because they will be the major group who will be affected if the legalization will be allowed or not. Each one of them has to understand the effects of having the use of <a href="">marijuana</a> be legalized though.

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