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Ithaca College LGBT Director Honored by Planned Parenthood

ITHACA, NY — Planned Parenthood has given its top award to Lis Maurer, program director of the Ithaca College Center for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Education, Outreach and Services. She was honored at the 2011 Planned Parenthood National Conference, held in April in Washington, D.C.

Each year, Planned Parenthood recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of sex education. The top honor is the Mary Lee Tatum Award, the only one for which people outside of the organization are eligible. In recognizing Maurer with the award, for best exemplifying the qualities of an ideal sexuality educator, Planned Parenthood noted that, “her outstanding work on sexual orientation, gender identity, disability issues and HIV/AIDS has made her a go-to source for questions on sexuality.”

Maurer — who previously worked at Planned Parenthood of Delaware — is the founding director of Ithaca College’s LGBT Center. Under her leadership, the college was named one of the 100 best campuses in the nation for LGBT students and was one of only 19 schools nationwide to earn five stars — the highest rating — in the Campus Pride Climate Index, which takes an in-depth look at LGBT-friendly policies, programs and practices at colleges and universities.

A sexuality educator, consultant and trainer for more than 20 years, Maurer serves on the editorial boards of the “American Journal of Sexuality Education” and “The Prevention Researcher,” a multidisciplinary journal focusing on successful adolescent development and at-risk youth. She was the coeditor of the textbook “Doing Gender Diversity: Readings in Theory and Real-World Experience” and a contributing author to the books “GenderQueer: Voices from Beyond the Binary” and “Sexual Lives: Theories and Realities of Human Sexualities.”

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Congrats Lis!!!
This is a huge honor & you deserve it.

Congratulations Lis! You should be so proud!

Wow! Congrats on all the wonderful work that you do on and off campus. You should be very proud. What a great honor!

Wow! Congrats Lis! What a wonderful honor. You do great work both on and off campus.


Big Kudos to you Lis! Congratulations!

Congratulations to you Lis, you have done so much for this campus, and for youth in general. Your work and insights are invaluable. Cheers to you!

Felicitaciones/Congratulations on the well-deserved national recognition for your leadership on campus and in the community-at-large!

Congrats, Lis!!

Certain individuals find it necessary to demand (what they call) civil rights so they can consider themselves equal with society, yet they create groups that single them out and do the exact opposite of what they intend to accomplish. Such organizations as LGBT and GLAAD classify individuals as a completely separate sect of society and therefore single them out from being included as a normal member of the population.

Congratulations, Lis! Thanks for sitting with us at the luncheon!

Also, certain individuals need support by these organizations because of the lack of support and acceptance in society. Anytime there is a place where people can go and feel safe, accepted and at home is a good place. And the nice thing about it is that LGBT and GLAAD welcome everyone!


Nancy joins me in congratulating you on this great and well-deserved honor!

You rock!


Congratulations, Lis! You go, girl :)