International Photo Exhibition

10 am – 3 pm, Oct.20-24, 2014
North Foyer, Campus Center


The contest will accept photographs taken by current Ithaca College students while studying abroad, as well as photographs taken by international students in their home countries, while studying abroad, or in the US.  There are two main categories of the contest: People and Places, as well as an additional special category: Street Food (see below). 

  • The photos must be original and taken by the student submitting them for the contest. 
  • We can accept only one entry per category per student for the contest (one entry for People, One entry for Places, one entry for Street Food). 
  • Photos must be submitted on paper, we cannot display electronic submissions. 
  • We prefer photos which are 5x7 or 8x10, but we will do our best to display your photo, so please submit it.

Your submission of a photo for this contest certifies your permission to the OIP to exhibit the photo during the week of the contest, and, if your photo wins an award, you grant the OIP permission to display your photo in our office as well as to feature it online.  If you would like to get your photo back, you are responsible for coming to the OIP to collect it before November 15, 2014 (unless your photo wins an award and is selected for display at the OIP until the end of December – in this case, you can collect it by January 31, 2015).  We cannot be responsible for photos after these dates.

The entries must be submitted to the Office of International Programs (we are located on the second floor of Job Hall) by 5 pm on Wednesday, October 15, 2014.  When turning in the photo, please complete the Contest Submission Form (one for each photo), so we know who you are and we have information about your photo entry.  We cannot process photos without a completed Contest Submission Form. 

The contest entries will be judged by popular vote: all visitors to the International Photo Exhibit will be invited to submit their vote for the best photo in each of the categories of the contest.  Votes will be received until the closing of the Exhibit at 3 pm on October 24.  Only voting ballots which are completely filled out will be considered for the judging.  Multiple or incomplete entries will be removed.  First ($100), Second ($50), and Third ($25) prizes will be awarded in each of the three categories (People, Places, and Street Food). 

In addition to the popular vote, all photos in the exhibit will be considered for the Photo Merit Awards.  A professor from the Department of Cinema and Photography will review all photos in the exhibit and will select the best photos.

This year’s special category is Street Food! Share with us photos that you’ve taken of street food from around the world. Maybe you found a local street cart tucked away in a corner that only locals know about?  Or perhaps you came across a pop-up restaurant down the street from where you lived?  A food truck?  A food stand at the market? Food cooked and sold at the carnival?  At the fair? A quick snack at the stadium?  We want to see the food (and why not also drinks) -- but we also want you to share with us the place where you enjoyed this street food – so be sure that you also showcase a little bit of the location where the photograph was taken!

If you have further questions, please contact us at 4-3306 or .