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Posted by Jessica Watson at 6:51AM   |  1 comment

 Paige Erlich, who majors in Intergrated Marketing Communications talks us through her weekend trip away to Barcelona. 

We arrived Friday morning and headed straight to our hotel, where we dropped our bags and left to wander and find a place to eat lunch. After lunch (spanish omelete sandwich!) and a quick nap since we didn’t sleep much, Jen and I went to explore. We found the Arc De Triumf (not to get confused with the French one) and Parc de la Ciutadella, a beautiful park that also is home to the Catalunya Parliament. Later for dinner we ironically ate at a Mexican restaurant that was actually really good!

Saturday was our big touristy day. We did everything I had on my list that was compiled from various people and books. After breakfast at the hotel we headed to Parc Guell which has lots of architecture and design by Gaudi. It was INCREDIBLE. Everything was gorgeous, colorful, and unique, AND it was an amazing view. Next, we went to Montjuic, literally “mountain of jews”, where the 1992 Olympics were held and other things. It is a large park on top of a mountain with yet another gorgeous view of Barcelona (this time from the other side of the city!). Afterwards, we headed to Las Ramblas and the Boqueira Market to get lunch and walk around. There was a little hole in the wall sandwich shop that we found that is very famous apparently and had amazing sandwiches. We walked by the marina and through the Gothic Quarter which was all beautiful. Not to mention the weather was perfect! Later, we walked through an big shopping area called Plaza Catalunya and Passeig de Gracia before eating at a nice tapas restaurant for dinner.

The next day, we met with a friend of my father who lives in Barcelona. We visited his home and family and talked to him about living in Barcelona. It was really nice to get a local’s perspective and see a residential area! Then, we headed to La Sagrada Familia to get a tour of this breathtaking church designed by Gaudi. It is amazing on the outside, and inside too! After looking around the main area, we took an elevator to the very top of the towers, where we saw gorgeous views of Barcelona and then descended all the way down the long, narrow spiral stairway. After, we got some tapas for lunch andchurros with chocolate dipping sauce and eventually made it to the airport to go home!

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I can't believe I just discovered this blog page! Unfortunately I was never lucky enough to study abroad during my time at IC, but that didn't stop me from visiting Barcelona for a week over break, especially since one of my best friends was studying there in the fall '12 semester.

Many of your experiences are similar to mine. I saw La Segrata Familia which was the first church I had ever been too, the Picasso Museum on the other side of the city and Park Guell with its exquisite view overlooking most of Barcelona. Talk about a cultural shock. The Spanish people are so nice and welcoming and I was given a great tour of the city by my friend.

We then walked around the Gothic Quarter and checked out a bunch of little restaurants. Needless to say, the food was delicious! Their delicatessens revolve around seafood and meat. The nightlife was just as beautiful. People in Barcelona really know how to have a good time. I met so many different people on my friend's abroad program and that honestly made it one of the best parts of travelling. I wasn't the only one who felt like a stranger in a different country. You really build a connection with those you travel or stay with, whether students on a program or a family at the hostile. In fact, one of the people I met who I had a lot in common with offered me a job which I later took at (I love cars). Anyway, Barcelona proved to be one of the most beautiful places I ever had the pleasure of visiting. Great food, people and overall vitality in the culture. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

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