Prospective Students

Media Arts Application Process

The new Media Arts Program is being offered during the fall semesters and will also be offered during the spring 2013 semester.  Interested students should indicate their desire to apply for the Media Arts Program in their London Center applications. They should also take the time to address their interest in this program in their written statement. There is no separate application form for the Media Arts Program. Students will be notified separately of their acceptance to the London Center and to the Media Arts in London Program.

Students not applying for the internship program but interested in enrolling in the Intermedia in London or Photographic Currents course as part of their London semester should note that course preference on their London Center application.

Further information as well as applications for the London Center can be found here: If you have specific questions regarding Media Arts in London, please contact Nicholas Muellner at


Students in the program are expected to have their own laptops equipped with Adobe Creative Suite and/or Final Cut Pro, as well as a DSLR and/or digital video camera, if appropriate to their program and experience. Equivalent equipment preferred but not required for non-communications students enrolled in the intermedia course.