Prospective Students



  • “This semester has been such an amazing experience. In a mere four months I have explored London, conquered the public transportation, travelled the continent, mastered the British-isms of the English language (‘mate’, ‘cheeky’ & ‘fancy’ are just part of my speech now!) and even learned a few things along the way! Coming here was all about cultural immersion, and although it wasn’t always easy or comfortable, it was all bloody brilliant! The things I will take back with me most are the memories of all the amazing people and places (as well a the new found appreciation for digestives and Cadbury chocolate!) The best motto for your time here ‘Try everything at least once!’ (or if it’s a chocolate hob nob, try 2 or 3…).” Kaitlin Hasseler (IC, journalism major)
  • “Ithaca London Center is a great opportunity to experience British life. You live in the city and by the time you leave you feel like you truly are a Londoner. I would encourage other students to get an internship in a British atmosphere and get to know some Brits. Go out and explore the city and don’t be afraid to get lost! London is a wonderful city with so much to do and see and Ithaca Center in London is a great way to see everything it has to offer. You will leave not only feeling like you experienced living in London, but you experienced British life!" Jocelyn Birsch (IC, Film Photo and visual Arts major)
  • “Having the opportunity to study in London is amazing. There is so much learning that goes on both in and outside the classroom. Being able to just hop on a train and go to another country for the weekend is so great. Culture is all around you in and around London. It’s definitely the best experience I ever had.” Melissa Lulay (IC, Sociology/Speech Communication major)
  • “I really enjoyed studying at the London Center. The professors were really nice and the course material was interesting. The ICLC staff help students in any way they can. The outside trips and activities opened students up to the UK and taught them about British culture. Finding your own flat can be difficult, but it is the best way to immerse yourself in London. Also, take the opportunity to travel to other European cities - it’s great. The program was a great experience.” Scott Kelly (IC, Integrated Marketing Communications major)
  • “Going to London offers the opportunity to go to a different world. London is wild and exciting. I learned lessons here that have changed my life.” Brett Travis (College of Santa Fe, Theatre Major)
  • “In and out of classrooms, this semester was an amazing learning experience. I learned so much about myself both as a student and as a person. Living in such a world-renowned famous city forces you to become more independent and free-thinking. It is totally what you make of it but it is surely an unforgettable time that won’t be duplicated again in your life." Richard Slate (Providence College, English major)
  • “After hearing everyone’s London stories, you wonder if you’ll have as good a time. But I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy their London experience. It’s a welcoming city and the ICLC staff help you take advantage of the million things thrown your way. You develop a love for the culture and for your little support group at the ICLC. Oh, and for those hob nobs too.” Janine D’Amico (IC, OCLC major)
  • “I was originally planning to come to London through another program, and I am so happy that I chose to come with Ithaca. Being at the London Center has made my experience here so much more enjoyable. Not only are the classes and the professors good but the LC staff take care of everything for us. Between setting up and subsidising trips and giving general London advice the staff are amazing. I don’t doubt that I would have had a great experience with another program (because it’s London and what’s not to love) but the ICLC made my trip so much easier. It was nice to know that even though my family and Ithaca were so far away, that I had people here who were genuinely interested and concerned with my well being.” Lauren Graber (IC, Applied Psychology major)
  • “After 4 months, I almost feel more at home in London than I do in the US. The tube is the greatest invention ever, even when it is delayed due to ‘a person under the tracks’! Being a theatre student, and studying in a city where theatre is such a thriving and respected community is refreshing and exciting. I have never seen so many great shows in my life. I am still amazed at how comfortable I am here, and how I have assimilated myself into British culture. Some things just make so much more sense here, while other things about the British will always perplex and amaze me.” Caitlin Dixon (IC, Theatrical production Arts major)
  • “HOW FUN! Being part of this experience has allowed me to do and see so many things. The adventurous spirit of the students involved in the program is hard not to catch. You learn to become more independent because you have to. You are taken out of your college life and put into a completely different setting, not to mention culture. Maybe it seems a bit intimidating at first, but it is over too quickly so remember to take advantage of every opportunity you can. Go play football in Hyde Park. Go see a play, take an internship, go out wherever you can, walk around the city exploring, bring your camera everywhere, and most importantly travel, travel, travel. The opportunities (and the prices) you are able to get are something that you would regret not taking advantage of. This is a great experience!” HeatherLuboff (IC, OCLC major)
  • "My London experience has been the most amazing thing EVER! Thanks for everything! I love ICLC!" Anonymous
  • "This has been an amazing experience. Who knew that you could actually fall in love with a city? I would highly suggest it for all. If for nothing else, just for the walks in Hyde Park on sunny days!" Anonymous
  • "I had an amazing semester. I wish I could stay here a lot longer because four months has flown by way too fast. The staff were wonderful. They made the transition so smooth and were a big part of the semester and having such a great experience overseas. Thank you!" Anonymous
  • "It is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Enjoy every moment of time, especially because it might be one of the only times you have such a strong support group like the London Center backing you up every step of the way! Use them for their knowledge, advice and just get to know them because they are all wonderful people! Do everything and anything that makes you happy and starting from the beginning. Don't give yourself any room for regrets!" Anonymous
  • "It is an amazing cultural experience that is very unique and can not get anywhere else. You learn how to relate to other cultures and many different countries and these skills will remain with you throughout your entire life." Anonymous
  • "One day I was at a meeting with my co-workers when I realized, 'Hey, I think I could do this for a career.' Before that point I had no idea what direction I was taking with my major. Now I know, and it's removed a lot of my worries I had about my future." Anonymous
  • "The culture is so different -- by immersing yourself in it with a work experience, you truly gain the most out of your London experience." Anonymous