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The ICNYC Internship Program

FALL 2015

Where: Fall 2015 Semester classes will be held at the ILR Conference Center of Cornell University, located in the heart of Manhattan at 16 E. 34th Street, New York City 10016, (212- 340-2842) unless otherwise indicated. The Cornell- ILR Conference Center is one block from the Empire State Building.

All ICNYC Interns must register for at least 6 credits of an internship or for two 3-credit internships.

Fall 2015 ICNYC Roster of Courses

The internship seminar is required of all ICNYC interns!  All music majors must enroll in private lessons.

The internship seminar meets on Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm to 8:30 p.m. at the ILR Conference Center, 16 E. 34th Street, 6th floor.

In addition to 6 credits of internship, six to nine credits of coursework are required for interns. All other ICNYC program participants must enroll in at least 12 credits of coursework. Keep in mind that the ICNYC program is an academic program and attendance at all class sessions must be your priority. The courses available on site are:

ARTH 28400-02, Art in New York (LA, FA), ICC-designations: Identities; Inquiry, Imagination, and Innovation. ICC-perspectives: Humanities, Creative Arts.

This course explores New York City as a context for modern and contemporary art. Topics include the development of art museums and galleries, public art, and contemporary art institutions. Field trips are an essential component of the course. Offered only through the ICNYC Program. CRN 22989. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing (3 credits). Instructor: Harry Weil. Offered on Saturdays 12:30pm to 3pm.

JOUR 39016, Special Topics: Media Literacy: Race, Gender, and Ethnicity (LA)

This course will engage students in a critical and analytical look at the construction, production, and reception of mediated messages as it relates to issues of race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and religion. Students will analyze mediated messages found in mainstream news and entertainment programming, televised sports coverage, popular magazines, and the internet. CRN 23358. (3 credits). Instructor: Anahi Douglas. Offered on Wednesday evenings from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

MKTG 33000-01, Direct Marketing (NLA)

Addresses the art and science of direct marketing. This course explores various aspects of direct marketing, with an emphasis on practical applications. Topics covered include: customer acquisition; up sell, cross sell, and win back programs; identification of different target audiences; how to determine media buy placements, messaging effectiveness and use of qualitative versus quantitative research; and how to measure the success of a marketing campaign, among others. CRN 21712. (3 credits). Instructor: Michael Kaplan . Offered on Monday evenings from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

MUMC 21100-01, Music in NYC (LA)

A music elective, the seminar is designed around music performances such as orchestral, opera, musical theatre, chamber, and new music performances programmed in NYC during the semester. Music majors enrolled in the ICNYC program will attend a planned selection of at least seven performances and meet weekly for preparation, discussion, and reflection. As appropriate, students will have the opportunity to attend rehearsals and meet the artists. (3 credits), CRN 22382. Music and SRT majors only. Instructor: David Lefkowich. Offered on Thursday evenings from 6 p.m to 8:30 p.m.

MUMC 22100-01, NYC Music Special Topics Mini-Course (LA)

This music elective is an exploration and discussion of a special topic over two days and linked to events in NYC. One (1) credit. CRN 22383. Instructor: David Lefkowich (dates to be determined: Reserve September 30 through October 3rd.

MUMC 41200-01, Music SRT Immersion in NYC (NLA)

A music elective, SRT majors work with professionals in the field to learn about the music business, including recording studio, mastering studio, and film and television. Prerequisite: MUMC 34900. Three (3) credits. CRN22367. Instructor: Anthony Volante. Offered on Tuesday evenings from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

PFMJ 19800-01, Professional Career Mentoring (NLA)

Music and SRT majors will shadow the assigned studio professor over the course of the ICNYC semester at professional obligations, attend rehearsals, observe lessons, and attend performances in order to gain an understanding of the teacher’s professional life in NYC. This course will substitute for the required repertoire and pedagogy class (PFMJ 19900, also 0.5 credit) required for on-campus music students. (0.5 credit) CRN 22371.

Practice: Ithaca College has made arrangements with NYC rehearsal studios for space for solo practice by Music and SRT majors. Each week students will have the opportunity to book rehearsal time. Students will be billed for any practice hours reserved, but not used.

Voice and all other instruments (no drum-set): Opera America, 3300 Seventh Avenue, NYC 10001 Tel. 212-786-8620.

All students are encouraged to have a laptop in support of the ICNYC academic program and regular communication with the home campus. (Be sure your laptops, musical instruments, and other possessions are insured).

The Cornell ILR Conference Center: Please do not eat in the classrooms. Make sure drinks are covered. Dispose of food and drinks in the bins provided in the cafeteria (not in the classrooms).

Please remember that you have the responsibility to attend all classes and to complete all homework assignments. Please be on time. If you become ill or are unable to attend a class session, please e-mail or telephone the course instructor in advance!

Manage your time: study, read with care, complete all assignments, attend all classes on time, and meet the responsibilities of your courses and internship! Don’t forget to practice on your musical instruments.

ONLINE Courses available to ICNYC students for Fall 2015:

GBUS 30700-01, Commercial Law (NLA)

This course offers an in-depth analysis of the commercial law. Topics include Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Article 2: sales contracts and risk of loss issues; Article 3: negotiable instruments and the holder-in-due-course doctrine; Article 6: bulk transfers; Article 9: secured transactions, bankruptcy, creditor and debtor rules, mortgages, liens, principals and agents, antitrust legislation, special corporation topics, such as LBOs and insider trading; liability of corporate officers and directors, and ethical considerations. Prerequisites: GBUS 20300; junior standing. Previously titled Business Law II (Accounting). A student may not receive credit for both GBUS 30700 and GBUS 20400. (3 credits) CRN 20117. Instructor: Gwen Seaquist

HLTH 22700-01, Stress: Its Nature and Management (LA) ICC- Social Science, Theme: Mind, Body, Spirit

Overview of the nature and physiology of stress and techniques used to manage stress. Topics include stress physiology, social engineering, cognitive restructuring, conflict resolution, time management, self-help techniques, nutrition, exercise, and relaxation techniques such as meditation, progressive relaxation, and autogenic training. Prerequisite: any level -1 psychology course or one HLTH course. (3 credits) CRN 22595 Instructor: Deborah Wuest

STCM 20100-01, Political Campaign Imagery (LA)

This course examines the design of political communication messages, with the focus on imagery. It explores how visual media are incorporated into such messages to influence targeted audiences and how visual strategies have changed in political messages over time. (3 credits) CRN 22376 Instructor: Steven Seidman.

TVR 31200-02 , Government and Media (LA)

Provides an understanding of the policy-making process used to formulate regulations that govern the media.  The role of policy-making bodies, such as Congress, the courts, FCC, and lobby groups are discussed. Specific regulations concerning the First Amendment, obscenity, libel, privacy, copyright, commercial speech, access to information, antitrust, etc. are also examined. A major research paper on a relevant media regulation topic is required (3 credits). Prerequisites: TVR 12100, TVR 12400, JOUR 11100, or STCM 10300; television-radio, journalism, documentary studies and production, integrated marketing communications, or emerging media major; junior standing. Section 02: CRN 20072  Instructor: Barbara Morgenstern.

WRTG 34100-01, Travel Writing (HU, LA)

This online nonfiction writing course combines the analysis of issues related to travel writing with practice writing in the genre. Writing several travel stories will help students improve their descriptive and narrative techniques. Writing assignments may range from memoir pieces to travelogues and destination articles for travel sections of magazines and newspapers. Regular blog entries are encouraged. Readings include classis and contemporary travel tales and assorted criticism. Course is restricted to IC students studying away from the Ithaca campus during Fall 2015. Students are requested to discuss travel locations with the professor prior to registration. Prerequisites: WRTG 20100, WRTG 20500 or WRTG 23200; junior standing. Waivers to pre-requisites will be considered. (3 credits) CRN 21701  Instructor: Nick Kowalczyk.

ICNYC Music Immersion Program for Music Majors Only (12.5 to 14.5 credits)

Liberal Arts Courses (6 credits)

Private Lessons (2-4 credits) with the approved studio professor assigned in New York City: Students register for private lessons with their Ithaca College studio professor.

PFMJ 19800, Professional Career Mentoring, NLA (.5 credit)

MUMC 21100, Music in NYC, LA (3 credits)

MUMC 22100, NYC Music Special Topics Mini-course, LA (1 credit)

ICNYC Sound Recording Technology: SRT Majors Only (12.5 credits)

Liberal Arts (3 credits)

Private lessons (2 credits)

PFMJ 19800, Professional Career Mentoring, NLA (.5 credit)

MUMC 21100, Music in New York City, LA (3 credits)

MUMC 41200, Sound Recording Technology Immersion in NYC, NLA (3 credits)

Nota Bene: Studying in NYC is a time for Music and SRT majors to explore what professional life there can be. If performing in ensembles is important, then begin researching opportunities related to your instrument. The earlier you do this, the better. There are many community groups that would welcome your participation. You may wish to begin your search by looking at opportunities available through Hunter College.

Hunter College Performance Opportunities:

Hunter Symphony

Conductor: Professor Blundell (

Rehearsals: 6:40 p.m. to 9:10 p.m. on Monday evenings in the Assembly Hall (Hunter North Building, First Floor) Address: The Hunter North Building is on East 69th Street between Lexington and Park Avenues. The entrance is on the South side of 69th Street. Access to the building for rehearsals: No special access will be needed to gain entry for rehearsals.

Audition Information:

More information: the password to the Musician Area is Music.

Hunter College Jazz Ensemble

Conductor: Professor Keberle (

Rehearsals: Tuesdays and Fridays, 2:10pm to 3:00pm in room HN 635 (Hunter North Building). Access to the building for rehearsals: Temporary IDs will be needed after audition.

Audition information: Prepare one piece, in any style, that best demonstrates ability on instrument. Sight reading may also be required as part of the audition. Auditions will be held the first day of classes during normal meeting time. Brecher Hall, HN 635. No sign up is required.

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